It's a Xmas Miracle

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    husband is the THE biggest Scrooge concerning xmas. He wasn't too bad when our kids were small.......but as they grew up his scrooginess got worse and worse. I've had to force him to pretend to enjoy it just so I don't deck him. lol

    I've been sitting for easy child's boys while she's been picking up overtime at the hospital to help pay for her xmas. This gave me about 300.00 I didn't have for xmas. Plus money I hid away from the yard sale, what I had left of my last student load refund after paying bills, ect. (about 200.00) It's not much, but it's what I've got to work with.:tongue:

    So that 500 bucks has to stretch for 7 well as santa gifts for katie's 3 kids as Toys for Tots are working on if something can be done........I'm hanging in limbo at the moment.....and even if they do help it won't be much as there are sooo many kids in need this year.

    It has me stressing. Santa is a HUGE deal to me. It always has been. When I was little my Mom ruined the whole Santa thing for us long before we even made it to grade school, although my step dad did his best to repair the damage the deed had been done. And my Mom didn't see xmas as much more than any other day. We were lucky to get 2 gifts and we luckier still if those didn't come from yard sales or thrift stores.

    I didn't drown my kids in gifts. But I did make xmas as magical as humanly possible for my kids. They only got 5 presents.......1 big gift from santa.......and 4 smaller ones from Mom and dad. (santa was NOT getting all the credit for my hard work lol) That big gift was something they wanted really really bad and never dreamed they could get because we've never had a lot of money. Same with the 4 smaller ones. I'd watch them all year for what caught their eye, or what they talked about ect......then compared it to what showed up on their santa lists. Then with sales and layaway plans......and skimpy on the food budget ect.....Those special things would show up under the tree each year. Oh, their lists were always longer.....but they always managed to get what they really wanted. Then there was the holiday baking sessions from scratch, decorating the house in decorations they'd made with construction paper and lots of imagination (occupied bored minds during xmas break before the holiday too lol), evenings watching xmas cartoons with homemade cocoa and popcorn until bedtime, taking them to buy gifts for each other....letting them wrap them (that was always funny), on xmas eve the kids opening the presents they'd bought each other so that they wouldn't get lost in the excitement of xmas day, right down to opening 1 gift at a time eldest to youngest so that each one could be admired and appreciated.

    easy child, Nichole and I plan to create that magic for katies kids. (we've done it with the grands here all along) Of course with them being 1 1/2 hrs away in a shelter it's going to have to be crammed into a single weekend due to work schedules.....and Evan may miss out because Katie seems to think he'd be terrified to spend the night. Like she says he's scared of strangers (not us!) he won't eat for anyone (he gulps down my cooking like he's starved to death), and he will be a wild child.....well actually if his parents are absent he's been an angel.

    So.......since the magic is going to have to be compressed........and the gift budget is about half of what it normally is..........Yep, I'm stressing a bit. Cuz that budget also covers the baking ect.

    I bit the bullet and started shopping this weekend. I decided putting it off wasn't making the money multiply. lol husband is watching me bargain hunt to the nth degree. I got a few things at the dollar store and dollar general, nice things cheap as dirt. At wallie world I found a beautiful baby doll I wanted to get kayla. Now 18.00 doesn't sound like much........but I felt like I got punched in the gut. (easy child hadn't paid me yet for the babysitting) I didn't have enough cash and I knew that doll wouldn't be there when I came back to get it. A really cute and cuddly babydoll is not that easy to find.

    husband tells me to put it in the cart anyway. He'll cover the cost of the doll. Then also gave me 40 bucks he'd squirreled away to add to the xmas budget. :surprise:

    You could've knocked me over with a feather. husband has griped about me getting the grands presents since they've been born. He's afraid I'll go crazy like mother in law did each year. lol He has never given me money he has saved toward their xmas. And it's not like we have spare cash laying around. He saves up loose change then exchanges it for paper money.

    The man smiled and said Kayla Alex and Evan deserve as nice an xmas as we can manage.


    I'm still stressing on how I'm going to pull this off.............But it is so much nicer to know he has my back this year instead of grumbling and grumping about everything.:D
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    How cool!
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    That was a really sweet thing to do.

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    Good for F!!!!!! Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    That is wonderful :) You know, those specially hunted down gifts to fit the budget? They normally turn out to be the biggest treasures with the biggest reaction from kidlets, in my experience anyhow. Something tells me you will all have a wonderful holiday. And I think your Christmas grinch had his heart grow up a size or two with the reintroduction of the grands. ;)
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    I'm glad something touched and melted scroogey his heart - wonderful!
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    I've been following your financial struggles with husband for awhile now. There have been plenty of times I could have kicked your husband... but today he gets a big "Atta boy!". Way To Go! Grandpa! :warrior:
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    I'll tell you something that is going to make some people makes me gag...

    One year I spent 5000 dollars on Xmas...I had it to do but now I don't spend more than my budget cap of 1500 or less. Last year I hit way under the budget cap at 800 bucks. You want to know something really interesting? The kids don't care what they get honestly in the end...They just care about quality over quantity in all honesty. My kids prefer one quality gift with lots of good companionship and food. Maybe I'm just lucky but I find that the 5000 dollar Xmas they weren't happy like they were with the 800 dollar Xmas.

    I grew up with 10,000 dollar Xmas' from my parents and I can say (even as a grown adult too they did this before they split) I hated it. I hated the fact that there was too much stuff and too little emotional connection. Commercializing Xmas (regardless of culture or religion) makes it feel fake. You have more than enough there money wise to make a quality Xmas for all the grand kids and KT's kids.

    It should never be about the money or the gifts, it should be about what heart felt feelings are behind that gift. The desire to want to gift someone not because you have to or are obligated to. Now a days, I use Xmas as an excuse to get much needed things for the kids rather than what is wanted (granted one or two gifts are desire gifts rather than necessity gifts of course, can kill the fun of gifting at Xmas entirely right?)

    I usually ask for a list from each of the kids and pick from that list of desires (one or two) then add the rest as necessities. I'll never spend 5G ever again, just was not fun at all.
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    And on the other side of the coin--

    I have 15 people to buy for and $500 to spend on the Holidays...

    And I feel RICH!!!!


    It's going to be wonderful!
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    Very cool!