It's been about three weeks since I was last here...

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    Last time I was here we were going up on his Risperidone. He was having serious bouts of aggression (pulled a knife on his sister, cut my finger).

    He now takes one and a half of Risperdone. Plus the Celexa and the Intuniv. Surprisingly, to me anyway, it worked. We had no major tantrums, aggression or outbursts. We did have a bit of cursing. gave him a journal and told him he could write whatever words he wanted to in it. When he was anfry he could write ANYTHING. And he would NOT get in trouble--but the words could not come out of his mouth. He was excited about the journal. Drew a ton of Star Wars pictures in it. Then, (lol) a week later he brought me a page he had torn. He said "here. I wrote this but I dont want it in my book anymore". He wrote this after a fight with his mortal enemy (his words). His 11 year old sister. "My sister is a dumb pissy ugly sh*t faced 8itch. and my brother is a mother f*****" OMG. Where did he hear all these words in all these scary combinations!?

    There has been less "journal" writing. But he has been telling me "I *almost* said a bad word". We then high 5 at his ability to keep it inside.

    Teachers have noted more "manners" in class. Getting a little more work done. He is refusing to participate in PE. The Coach told me he will fail this six weeks. WHO the heck fails PE?! Sigh.

    Carson also failed his benchmark tests for Writing and Math for this years Star test--he has to pass or he will not promote to 5th grade next year. They want him in tutorials. He doesn't fail becasue he is stupid or can't learn. He's failing because he is hurrying. He wants to be DONE. Or he feels pressured and just shuts down. His Math teacher thinks tutorials would only be a hindrance. Cause more anger and stress towards Math.

    I had my kids a LOT during the Christmas break. Ex had to "work". Fine with me...just more entries on the calender where he couldn't take them on his time--and asked me to.

    I'll try and post more now... glad to be back on the board.
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    in my opinion the journal was a stroke of brilliance. As to where he heard the words, school, Walmart, television, almost anywhere. I am often shocked if I tune in to what other people are saying when we are out in public. It is cool that he tore the page out and didn't want taht type of thing in his book.

    Risperdal was the only medication that helped Wiz with aggression. We thought it was a miracle drug.

    Sorry your ex can't be bothered to parent his kids, but this all looks good for you and bad for him to a judge.
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    THat is WONDERFUL news. I wish so much that the AP's would work for Q! maybe in the future, who knows....

    We did the writing in a book last year and an aide turned it in and I got a call from admin. UGG.... so this year when they were fussing I suggested it again and said but no one can say he gets in trouble. if you dont want the pages then he can shred them daily which he will LOVE. so that is what they do now. I suspect they dont do it often though.

    You may want to warn school that he is using this tool so if he writes things, they will know it is a "therapeutic tool" not threatening or obnoxious notes to hurt people.
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    Remind me. Has he ever been evaluated by Occupational Therapist (OT) for motor skills and sensory issues? If not... consider it.
    The whole "problems with writing" thing... is OFTEN caused by either Developmental Coordination Disorder (DCD), or dysgraphia. And... while the accommodations are the same, it is easier to prove motor skills... the Occupational Therapist (OT) report says he needs... technology and/or scribe and/or blah blah blah, and... you at least have some leg to stand on. Schools here will NOT accept "dysgraphia" as a label... at least not easliy.

    This spills over into math... word problems, graphing, etc. It isn't the concepts - its just that it takes too much brain power to DO the work, so not enough left to THINK about the work.

    In the mean time... see of the school can re-test with oral exams and/or with scribed exams and see if the results are different. If he "can't write", they must accommodate.