It's easy child's birthday weekend

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Californiablonde, Oct 11, 2013.

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    We are going to a place called Boomers tomorrow. They have pizza, miniature golf, video games, and go carts there. easy child invited three of his friends that he used to go to school with last year when he lived with me. None of the parents have RSVP'd, but one kid did tell him he would be there. I hope he really does come. If not, easy child will be stuck with only difficult child and my six year old nephew, plus a couple of adult relatives. He will still have fun, I'm sure, but it would really be nice if even one friend can make it. I am totally excited about giving him his gift. He asked for a Playstation 3, and I told him absolutely no he's not getting it. It's way too expensive and out of my budget. My mom found a good deal online, and she is going to pitch in with me and my grandmother so we can get it for him. He is going to be so surprised. He has been begging me for weeks and I keep telling him there's no way he's getting it. I can't wait to see his face when he opens it. It's been on the cool side here lately and raining on and off, so I'm hoping the weather stays pleasant and dry tomorrow. I hope y'all enjoy your weekend.
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    Since it's only 3 kids, I would call the moms and ask if their sons are coming to the party. If they come, great, if not, you'll never see them again anyway. I find failure to RSVP one of the most offensive social mistakes of all time, especially in this day and age of answering machines, texts, emails, etc.
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    I totally hope and pray that he has a wonderful birthday. Hugs DDD
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    CB, How'd it go? I found myself praying someone would show up. For Knight's 12th birthday, he had a campout/sleepover and even though his 4 "friends" from school said they were coming, I didn't get any parent RSVP's and no one showed up. It really stank for him. I bet easy child really loved the Playstation!
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    The party was great. The friend that promised him he would show up really did come. Him and easy child had a blast. I saw this kid two years ago at easy child's 11th birthday party, and I am comparing the pics from then to the pics I just took on Saturday. Wow have the boys grown since then. They are both much taller and look so much older! I got a bunch of good pictures of them, even though easy child hates his picture taken and will usually say so. We stayed about four hours and everybody had a good time, except for difficult child who complained every half hour or so that she was having bad anxiety attacks and wanted her medications. Then my mom pulled me aside and asked me if I thought difficult child was faking, which I told her no way. Why on earth would she think that difficult child was faking anxiety attacks at an amusement park is beyond me, especially knowing how badly she's been panicking lately. My mom once again suggested I put her in a home to be taken care of, and I politely disagreed with her and walked away. easy child's party isn't the proper time for discussing such things, so I let her know I wanted no part of it. Other than that, everybody had a fabulous time and easy child loved his Play Station. I have a great picture of him right after he opened it, with a great big huge look of surprise on his face. I posted lots of pics on Facebook. I am so happy and relieved that it went well.
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    Great news! DDD
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    That just about guarantees that no matter what else happened, it was going to be a great party for easy child. For so many of our kids, just ONE friend is a huge impact. :)