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Discussion in 'Parent Emeritus' started by carolanne, Apr 1, 2008.

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    Okay, I am very sick today having had a wisdom tooth removed yesterday and than finding out the hard way I am allergic to when the mail came today I wasn't expecting what I found.

    An invoice for an ambulance ride....that difficult child took on March 25! I called the office number listed and asked why I was billed. She said as her legal guardian, I wsa responsible for the $45 fee. I explained that difficult child had not lived in my house in almost two years and we had no contact since xmas. Regardless, she said, I was responsible for it and hung up!

    I called back and spoke with the manager....told him the situation and seems how I am responsible I want to know what warranted this fee....apparently she had a miscarriage on the 25 that required a D&C after. I explained to him that while I was concerned, it wasn't my bill to pay.

    He said I would have to provide proof...a letter from the group home as to when she moved out of there as well as one from her current landlord!

    The bill is in my name but I don't want to pay it....darn it!

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    Get what they require to prove she wasn't living at home and give it to them. (make copies first) Don't pay it. It isn't your bill.

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    Took a lot of talking and phone calls but I won't have to pay the bill. The hospital still had her listed as a minor...the computer didn't update when she had a birthday. I spoke to a very nice understanding lady and she agreed that as difficult child hasn't lived here in that long, I shouldn't be responsible. She will send a new bill to the kids:)

    Whew....didn't want that going on my credit report!

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    So there is no baby now either?

    Glad for the baby.

    Sorry for you.

    Will keep her in my prayers.

    How are things going in Camp CaroleAnn? husband decided to stay? Becky and sis decided to comply?

    A weekly reminder that things CAN get worse is always helpful.

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    Glad you didn't have to pay it. : )

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    We used to get HUGE hospital bills for J when he was on the run, even as a minor. He contracted Hep C, as well as numerous supposed drug overdoses. He always listed us for the billing. Ha! The boy hadn't slept in our house since about 14. We just didn't pay. Tried and tried explaining to the billing department. They finally stopped when we turned custody over to the state.

    Glad you got yours worked out.