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    We have had internet off and on, so I haven't updated y'all. J saw the pediatric gastroenterologist regarding the stomach cramps. He doesn't think it is anxiety alone! (pediatrician told us it was just anxiety and to ignore it)

    He has suspicions, but is cautios about dxing. I liked him muchly. J really liked him. He was great with her, but I wish he had listened to me a bit more. I have kept records of what she reports, and when. But he just wanted to ask her questions.

    I iwll drop off a copy of the parent report tomorrow :cool:.

    In spite of thinking he knows the diagnosis, he is doing a blood test for celiac disease. He is doing a breath hydrogen test for lactose intolerance tomorrow. Sounds like a long and boring day - she can't eat, has to drink a cup of lactose, and then breath into a tube every 15 - 30 minutes for 5 hours. We borrowed a portable DVD player to help pass the time.

    He is also going to scope her upper digestive system for ulcers, etc... That is on Monday. I had to let him know I really DID want this done, that we have such a strong history of ulcers in the family.

    Please pray we find some answers, and that we can make it to the hospital on Monday. We are getting another winter storm this weekend. :smile:

    Tomorrow will be the first day of school thank you has had in over a week!! :smile: :wildone:

    Thanks for all the support! with-o y'all I wouldn't know how to fight effectively for my kiddo.


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    I hope it is nothing serious. Keep us posted. -RM
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    I have a coworker whose wife and daughter have celiac disease. I know it took years for them to figure out what was going on.

    Hopefully the new doctor will figure it out soon.

  4. susiestar

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    J had a test done on Friday for celiac and h pylori. It was long and boring, breathing into a bag every 30 minutes for 4 hours. But the results were instant and negative. No celiac, no h. pylori. This is good.

    tomorrow she gets an endoscopy. If all is normal it will mean she has a spastic colon. We have been on the diet for spastic colon for a week and a half now. It doesn't seem to be making a difference. Neither does the medicine for it. In fact, after taking the medicine she gets stomach cramps. But she gets those after ANY medicine.

    We will see. Thanks for the good thoughts and the info.


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    What kind of test did she have for celiac disease? The only standard tests are a blood test and the endoscopy where they look for intestinal damage.

    If they don't find anything wrong, you could still try a gluten free diet for her. The celiac tests may rule out celiac disease but don't necessarily rule out a problem with gluten. My easy child suffered from stomach problems her whole life until she went gluten free. Her celiac tests were always negative but she willingly stays gluten free because she feels better.
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    I'm glad J doesn't have celiac or h. pylori!!! I hope things go well tomorrow and that J is feeling better SOON!!! Hugs, WFEN
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    Susie, my easy child had the hydrogen breath test and the endoscope also and they both turned out negative several years ago. We couldn't understand it because everytime she drinks milk or dairy products she gets sick, as do I. I'm sure if I had the hydrogen test it would be negative too, and yet I have not been able to digest milk or milk products for 30 years. She's also had all the allergy tests to test for sensitivity rather than an actual allergy and there was nothing conclusive. I don't know how to explain it. They also ruled out Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis by doing a biopsy of the colon. And yet both of us gets sick 20 minutes after eating an offending food and it doesn't happen with foods that do not contain lactose.

    Hopefully someday they will be able to figure it out because I know it's frustrating when there is no conclusive diagnosis. We are just both very careful what we eat but there are times that no matter how careful we are the food has something in it that we can't tolerate.

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    My mother has Chrones and I was so lucky to have that handed down to me LOL.

    I started out with a spastic colon diagnosis, and was given a PRN, Belladonna (I think - this is going back 20 years now).

    From my own families experiences, the diets really don't work. And truthfully, if you rule out everything that can trigger a cramp, there's pretty much nothing left lol.

    Hope you get some answers.