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    Since you are such a photo/video guru....I've got a question. I have a few videos I've taken of my niece on my camera. They are uploaded on my computer and also still on my memory card. Is there anyway to capture a still picture from these using only what comes on computers? Some of these videos have a facial expression that I would LOVE to get as a snapshot.
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    I dont know. Let me ask around.
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    You know..just thinking...if you stop the video at the exact moment you get that face, then you could hit print screen. That puts it on a clipboard. You could save that image as a jpg and it would be an image. If you inserted it into a blank word doctor and then hit copy and save that image ...I think that would work...

    Am I making sense? I am sure there is an easier way to do it right off the camera...but I am not the picture guru...lol. I just am having fun with it. I cant even do videos without shaking...lol. I need a real video camera.
  4. mstang67chic

    mstang67chic Going Green

    I'll try that....I think I know what you're talking about! LOL If I can't get it, can I send the videos to you with a description of what I want?
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    Stang...........do you have any sort of paint program on your computer other than Windows paint? Or any type of media program? Ours (and I don't know at the moment what it's called cuz it's on my computer that's waiting for a new video card and such...sitting in the other room) had a media program on it and I know when we'd look at videos Nichole took of Aubrey we could go thru them frame by frame......which would probably make it easy to hit that print screen button and save a frame you really like.

    I've used print screen for this type of thing before.......but it always comes up in my professional paint program I have installed so I can see the picture and save it as a .jpg. I dunno how that would work without it cuz I've never tried.

    Someday I'm gonna have Janet show me how she does those cool photo album thingies with the background music........lol
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    I do those cool photo album thingies with a program called smilebox. I like it because it is only 5.95 a month and I can cancel at anytime. Or it can be like 2.95 a month for a less premium package than I use. There are other similar programs out there...and probably better programs...but they can be more costly upfront. I know there is one that I would love to have...cant think of the name of it right now that Billies grandma uses and it only cost her like 50 bucks 5 years ago...but now its like 150! I cant afford that right now. Its a great program though. Better than smilebox but I will stick with smilebox until I can afford the other. Anyone can download smilebox from online to try it for free if you want.