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    Did you go to the ER?? Have things improved or gotten worse?
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    No, my GP called yesterday and I have an appointment for the 11th. Now my problem is that my pain clinic appointment is for that same day and they are giving me absolute hell about it and not wanting to reschedule that appointment. I simply cannot make both appointments and I am not rescheduling the GI doctor.

    The pain clinic is going to have to work with me. The issue with them is that last month they made me an appoint for an epidural procedure that I didnt even realize they were going to make. The doctor was talking to me about it and I told him it sounded interesting and I would like to consider it so he took that to mean I would do it immediately! Uh NOT! Especially not in July. July is a very busy month for me and I thought it was going to be even busier considering I thought Keyana was going to be here the entire month but even so, July 11, Jamie will down with his entire family, we are supposed to be going to that water park and even if I cant go there, we will probably do something. I dont want to be completely laid up. Who knows how this thing will lay me up. I told the lady setting up my appointment at the front desk I didnt want to do it this summer and she said once he listed it on the paper she couldnt change it. I said then I wouldnt be doing it. She just shook her head. Well I called her yesterday when I found out that I had the GI doctor appointment the same day and they said they couldnt make me an appointment for any other day and said I had to talk to the doctor. I said fine, make me an appointment and I will talk to him but Im still not doing the procedure. Personally I think its my decision to have any invasive procedures done. I never actually agreed! I really dont mind trying it but later. Summer isnt a good time. I need a driver for this and I wont have one that day.

    Its really funny, I am getting so used to this liquid diet that I might just continue on it for awhile.
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    Well please don't let this go on if you are still in as much pain and having the same difficulty with your digestive system. You know putting it off until Aug. won't help it any and if you go sooner rather than later, the problem might be dealt wither earlier rather than later. I worry about you!
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    Janet, GI doctor staff don't understand this could be potentially serious......at least not the ones setting up the appointments. Yes, you can see HIM the 11th of Aug, but you need CHECKED now to find out why you can't keep solid food down. If they are certain there is not an obstruction in your bowels, then I can relax a little. But I didn't see anything on previous posts to indicate they even looked for it, which should have been first on the list due to the amount of pain medications you take. It's not that difficult to check for, for pete's sake! And yes, the ER can do it easily enough.

    A liquid diet for more than a month is NOT healthy, and if it goes on that long your metabolism is really going to shut down. (trying to retain every calorie ect) So when you do get back to solid foods, it's not going to take much for your weight to jump......and we both know you can't do the exercise that would be required to counter that while your metabolism goes back to normal.

    Not to mention you now have caught a respiratory bug on top of it all.........and if you're body isn't getting the proper nourishment, it's not going to be able to fight it off properly.

    Worried about you.

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    As for the pain doctor, when you talk to him you need to remind him the world does NOT revolve around him and you do happen to have a LIFE. And you do NOT have to do any procedure/treatment you don't agree with, period.
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    july 11...not august 11...so its just next wednesday. which does seem like an eternity when I feel like Im getting weaker and weaker but its not all that long. They did take xrays of my abdomen and did ultrasound of my gallbladder, kidneys, and pancreas. I think liver too if you can ultrasound that. I know they poked that danged thing all over my stomach area, back and sides so hard I was gritting my teeth and saying OWWIE a whole lot.

    I did drink a cup of tomato soup yesterday and when I go out to the store again I am going to load up on those microwave ones that you just pop in. I love them. I have a feeling I just found my weight loss diet. I have lost all interest in snacking at night. Guess its true about it being a habit. Now I am just trying to eat for nutrition. The other issue is I have very few teeth so chewing is a problem...so liquid is my basic go to. Guess life was telling me something.

    The biggest problem is that all this has happened while Keyana is here. She is so active now and they have made her into a fairly whiny kid who expects her own way. Not quite the way she was. She used to be fairly calm but now she is much more active and just exhausting. I cant handle her with me sick. They were expecting me to have her for the period between Mandy leaving for work and Cory getting home from work. I cant do it in this shape. If I wasnt sick, I could take her to the park or stuff like that but I just cant now. I can barely keep myself awake for more than an hour or two at a time.

    Mandy was supposed to keep her all day today because she didnt have to work because it was a holiday and she dropped her off here around noon. Thankfully Billy was home and he handled her but she was in and out of my room all day. I made Tony take her back to Cory's tonight and told him to tell them that she has to go with Mandy to day care tomorrow because I cannot watch her tomorrow during the day.
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    When you're sick, you're sick, and you just can't help it. It's just the age, little girls at that age are full of energy.........Aubrey is too. I think she has ants in her pants. LOL

    Well, ok, I won't worry so over much since they did check your abdomen out really well and no blockage showed up. You've no idea how much that makes me feel better.

    If you're going to do a liquid diet, then you're going to need something more nutritious than just soup, or you'll be having deficiencies next.....and they just make you feel worse. Trust me. If you can't stand ensure, then try the slim fast or other diet shakes. They at least have vitamins, minerals, and protein your body requires. Have you given pudding a try? Not all the time, but I'm thinking trying the consistency and see how it does.

    July 11th is waaaaaaay better than Aug 11th. whew!

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    Oh I am drinking ensure too. I drink 2 strawberry's a day.
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    For a change of pace in the food department... pick up some Knox gelatin, and some 100% fruit juice... and turn juice into jelly. It's cold, refreshing, and... the gelatin is a source of protein.