Jerry Seinfeld on "Process"


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It helps me to be reminded that each person has their own way of discovering their truth and finding their way -- including me! A friend of mine likes to say we're all climbing up the same mountain, but we don't have to all take the same trail to reach the top.

Saw this on an episode of Jerry Seinfeld's web series, "Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee". During the episode, Michael Richards (Kramer) is lamenting decisions he made which cost him heavily in his career after Seinfeld.

To which, Jerry replies:

"I don't accept the judging of process. It doesn't matter that you like to rehearse with your nose up against the flat saying lines. We're all trying to get to the same island. Whether you swim, fly, surf, or sky dive in, it doesn't matter. What matters is when the red light comes on."

We each have our own "process" and it's ok to be just exactly who we are during our "process" of discovery (the red light coming on). That the red light comes on is the important part! :)


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I love that series, and that episode in particular. I related to this part too:

When they’re having those drinks the conversation finally turns—after a great Richards anecdote about chess—to that stand-up set seven years ago. Richards brings it up, after reflecting again on their experience with Seinfeld. “Sometimes I look back at the show,” he says, “and I think I should have enjoyed myself more.” “That was not our job,” Seinfeld tells him. “Our job was not to enjoy it. Our job was to make sure they enjoyed it.” Richards likes this, and connects it with the lesson he says he learned after his racist outburst, about not being so selfish on stage.

“I busted up after that event seven years ago,” he says. “It broke me down.” When he says that “it still kicks me around,” Seinfeld, every bit the showbiz guru, tells him, “That’s up to you, to say, ‘I’ve been carrying this bag long enough. I’m going to put it down.’ ”