Jess Got A Job!


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Jess has now worked a real job for 7 days! She works evenings at a funeral home as a receptionist. She loves it and so far they love her. I am so thrilled for her as this is a bit of independence that she really NEEDS and WANTS. It is a bit of being out among people and doing things and showing that she can function in the world. It is giving her confidence.

She was sent home early one night because they were just reading books and she had a super bad headache. The person training her comes from a family with 11 siblings and all of them have migraines so she said that Jess could go home 45 min early if we could come get her. This person is just thrilled with Jess mostly because Jess has common sense and doesn't do stupid things like hug people who are there for visitations or funerals or other inappropriate things. Jess also isn't creeped out in a bad way by the funeral home business. The other things they completely love is that she can spell. It seems that they have had a few people that have been completely unable to do that, even with spell check!

Wiz is TOTALLY jealous of her as he has tried several times to get a job at a funeral home, lol. Plus she is making more an hour than he is. He is also TOTALLY thrilled for her, which is so nice to see!

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GReat its such a proud moment when your child shows itself as a productive member of society.
MY youngest for example will not be as succesful as tour daughter in such a job. He never managed to master spelling but he knows his weakness and chose proffesions that require little of it.
NOw there is this as part of my job I am part of the decision making for who should be hired and one of my most important criteria is if the possible employee has at least 1 year at a former and current job. I had quite a lot of succes with this.
GRanted its a entry position and I usually am against employees with no job experience even if I know they have to get the chance to have some.
MY son has the year and now I am sure he has a bigger chance of getting better jobs or better one job that pays enough.