Joining the Gramma club again

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Marcie Mac, Oct 20, 2007.

  1. Marcie Mac

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    And no, its not one of the boys..

    Have only seen eldest once since May when she moved out - she called and wanted to take me to dinner for my birthday so we met up yesterday. She is very pregnant - 5 months she says. She was on the pill, the one you take quarterly (????) and just found out a WEEK ago it didn't work and she was pregnant-she had no idea - her and the boyfriend were soooo surprised :rolleyes:

    Guess she doesn't have a full length mirror in her apartment, but really, not being able to look down and see your feet should have been a major clue.

    Said the baby is due late Feb. or March - don't think so by the size of her, and am certain the phone call will come that she has delivered "early" SO and I were not surprised, we said between ourselves this was going to happen and had given her till the end of the year to arrive in this state with the newest boyfriend. Her relationship patterns are so predictable.

    Are you not supposed to become older and wiser? Can only sigh - this will be one more grandchild that, when we do something to make her mad or upset, I will be told I won't be able to see. She has the emotional hostage approach down pat.

  2. busywend

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    She did not realize for 5 months that she was pregnant????!!! I don't think so.

    Wishing the child a healthy entrance into the world! I guess you can just brace yourself for her to keep this child from you at times. Poor thing. To be deprived of a wonderful Gma!
    It isn't right.
  3. Marguerite

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    My mother was six months pregnant with me and didn't know - she just thought it was menopause (she was 44). So she went to the doctor for a checkup and he said, "You're six months pregnant."
    She was too ashamed to tell anyone other than my father and the older kids. Her parents were dead; she never told her in-laws or the neighbours, not til after I arrived. She was a big lady, so I didn't make a lot of difference apparently.

  4. Sunlight

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    congrats on the new one to be.
    sigh on the old one and her ways.
  5. Star*

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    I don't know which to congratulate you on first......

    OHhhhh ALRIGHT on recognizing emotional black mail
    OHhhhh ALRIGHT on a new grandchild.

    You pick - they're both wonderful things to know!

    Congratulations on both facts.

    Babys....oh babys!