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Hello friends,

I have some news about our Joy and her devoted hubby, CW.

Joy has been in the hospital for a while due to fluid building up in her legs. Her kidneys are bad, only about 26% working, but not yet bad enough to start dialysis.

She and CW visited a Retirement home yesterday. Joy will be admitted soon.

CW will follow after the house is sold. Their son who lives next door doesn't want CW to also go the home.

CW's answer was, <span style='font-family: Arial Black'>"What would I do with Joy not here with me?"</span>

Joy, of course, is understandably sad about this; CW is trying hard to be positive. Their daughter went to the home with them, and gals who worked there were outside when the three of them met.

CW said the workers recognized their daughter and when they were told that Joy and CW were thinking about coming there, all the workers gave Joy and CW a big welcoming hug. CW was very touched by this.

The retirement home is in their hometown. Besides the obvious physical care and health benefits for both, CW says there are many activities there, church services, movies, entertaining groups that come in regularly, even trips to the local casino.

They both worry about their 3 year old little dog. No one in the family will take Susie because of her occasional little poops in the house.

Their humane society only keeps them a short while, then they euthanize.

I told Bill that I would check the internet for no kill rescue.

If anyone else has ideas, please post.

I also advised him to tell ther nurses and workers that come to their home to check with their friends for a good home for little Susie.

I had the pleasure of meeting Joy and CW in person in April. Their devotion and love for each other is truly an inspiration.

We had such a long talk, and what a wonderful visit it was! It was so good to finally meet Joy and Bill. I think Joy and I held hands most of the time. We could hardly stop talking long enough to take a breath!! Sure felt like we were long lost sisters!

I also met their sweet little pup. I do hope arrangements can be made for someone close to them to take the pup and bring her to the home for visits.

I do believe this is in both their best interests and that they will be able to spend quality time with each other and that worrying about t will be the hardest part.

But still I know I can not begin to fathom just how difficult this will be for them.


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Thanks for the update Nana.

What kind of dog is Susie? You may be able to find a rescue foundation for that breed if it is a purebred. I cannot believe none of the kids will take her in even if she does have the occasional accident...argh. Heavens...ship her to me, I will take her. I have the occasional accident myself and I hope I dont get sent away!

If all else fails...check to see if there is a freecycle site for that area. I dont know if it is available in canada but it may be. If it isnt, and you cant find any other place for the dog, maybe you could take the dog down with you and freecycle it from your place. Or someone just over the border in the states could do it. You can normally find someone on freecycle to take a dog that age if its small which I remember susie being especially when you explain the circumstances.

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Thanks for the update on Joy and c.w. They have both been dear to my heart for many many years. I think the new environment will be good for their health conditions, and I hope they can find enjoyment there, too. I know that many retirement homes do have tons of activities.



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Janet, Susie is a Jack Russel Mix with Chihuahua.

Going North, the link you listed only takes "pocket pets, mice gerbils...

Sue, Yes it has been ages since I first "met' Joy, at least 8 years, I think. Mark was 11 then.


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I see Janet beat me to the freecycle suggestion. lol

But it's a good idea. We found a wonderful home for our basset precious that way. (she just couldn't get along with our dog Molly) and easy child found the best home in the world for her dog. The families still send us emails on how the dogs are doing.

Thanks for the update.



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Thanks for the update, I've been concerned since Joy hasn't posted in awhile. I too hope a suitable home is found for the puppy. Can a flyer be posted at the local vets & pet supply stores?


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Has anyone checked with their local veterinarians? Most of them are aware of and work closely with rescue groups in their area. Or they may be aware of someone who would be happy to give the dog a home - perhaps someone who just lost their own pet. And usually they all have bulletin boards in their offices where people post notices and pictures of dogs that need to find new homes.

Also - there are rescue groups that specialize in almost every breed of dog. If a dog is a mix of two breeds, a rescue group from either breed may be willing to take the dog and find a good home for it.

I know how heartbreaking this must be for both of them.

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When an elderly couple who lived across the street from my sister went into a retirement home, she took their dog (and it was a big dog). I wonder if Joy and c.w. have a neighbor who knows them and the dog and might do the same???



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If I hadn't just adopted sweet Chloe, I'd sure be tempted to take Susie myself (of course I'd have to change her name :wink: ), Pat, but I just couldn't subject my old girls to another young fuzzy face. I hope you find someone who will take her and I hope Joy and CW's kids are looking for homes locally as well.

Thanks for the update. This retirement home sounds like a perfect solution for them. I hope the transition goes well and that their home sells quickly so that CW can join Joy soon. Please send both of them big hugs from me.



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I am thrilled to hear that the two of them are moving into a
facility with caring staff and the stimulation of other activity
and people. They have been so isolated that I expect there will
be a rebound once they are around peers and have fun stuff going
on. Of course it is sad that they can't stay home BOTOH they
are loving people who, I'm sure, will each find nice people to
share with at the facility. I'm saying a prayer for them both.


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Thank you for the update on Joy and C.W.
I too had the joy of meeting them a few summers ago along with our other board member Cass. We spent the day with them and had a nice meal. They are such a sweet pair of wonderful people. I am sorry to hear they are having so many ongoing problems, but maybe in the retirement home setting they can feel taken care of and without the upkeep of a home, maybe they can just enjoy time spent together with a little less stress. I am glad they will have alot of activities etc available.
As for their dog, please tell them to look up on google "All Heart Pet Rescue". It is located in Powassan Ontario, which is about 2 1/2 hours from them. I am about an hour further north from there, and gosh I wish I drove because I'd pick up their dog and deliver her to this wonderful woman who runs this rescue. Perhaps if they contact the rescue they can arrange a volunteer driver, I know they often deal with issues like this. I know they will take their dog and keep her until just the right home comes available. I believe the owners name is Cathy, and I vouch 100% for the great gift she gives all animals in need.
Oh, edited to add if they cannot find a way to bring the dog to this rescue owner, and if the owner is willing to take the dog (I would bet the bank that she will welcome the dog!) I could perhaps arrange for a ride from my sister in law and go pick her up to deliver her. I actually think my sis-in-law would love to do it for them, and I could also have a chance to see Joy and C.W. again!!! Please tell them that I am hard to chat with on MSN as I usually am not on it, it is usually difficult child. But they can PM me here if they need some help, or can't find the rescues phone number!

Thank you so much for the update. I pray the move goes smoothly and they actually come to love it there. My aunt went in to a retirement home after she had stroke. She lived another 8 happy years there before passing from heart failure. She made many new friends, and she was actually able to bring her little Chi-Poo "Fannie" with her. They might want to check with the home, ya never know!

Good luck and keep the updates coming please!

Hugs and love,


Thank you for the update ,I hope all works out for them.I think this will be really good for them this is something they should have done a long time ago.I was planning to go visit them very soon I will give CW a call cause I may know of someone that would take there dog and give her a good home.


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Thanks everyone. CW will have plenty of ideas with all your posts!

I hope they can take Susie with them, I would have not thought of that option. I will be sure he gets all the posts.

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{{{Joy & CW}}} I'm so happy for them. Will they be able to be in the same room? (I know that some retirement homes have a male and female side). Surely, a home will be found for the little pup!

God Bless them both!