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I lurk often, but unless I go to the library or PCs boyfriend brings over his laptop, I cannot post or read or make PMs.
I use WebTV to access the internet, and WebTV is quickly loseing the ability to access and or interact with many sites.
Know there are many of you I think about and many I keep in my prayers daily.

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Sorry to hear it isn't working for you. Have you check local pawn shops or craigslist.org for computers? Sometimes ppl give them away on craigslist.org


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Another thought, keep an eye on ebay for cheap well working computers. There is a way to check on the seller to make sure their honest. I'll have to have Travis remind me how to do it.

Travis has gotten a nearly new lap top for next to nothing and me a artist pad do hicky for the computer (normally about 300 bucks) for dirt cheap. (can you tell I'm a bit brain dead this morning lmao)

Believe it or not garage sales can provide good computers too. I got Nichole's first one that way for 50.00 and there wasn't anything wrong with it.

It's a shame that webtv can't find a way to update their system somehow.



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Too funny, just 2 hours ago, PCs boyfriend came and said they just got a hot tub. He had been pretty angry at his dad becuz his dad and mom recently split and ever since both his parents have been pretty tight with money.and harping at him about "budgets" etc so he sure was confused today to be getting a hot tub. Turns out his dad got it on some thing online.......ROLF, and he paid nothing for it at all?

Partly I know NOTHING about computers AT ALL......so I am a little intimidated........and partly I have no idea where to put one in our house, our house is VERY tiny.I mean REALLY tiny and well, truth is we are kinda packrats (altho since our house is way less than 1,000 sq feet and there ARE 5 of us and we are not small people, it IS small, LOL, and it can give the impression of us being packrats even if we weren't)
I have absolutely no idea WHERE to put a computer or what all we need or how to hook it up etc.

I sure will miss my poor ole faithful web tv.......I paid $39 for it 12 years ago, back then it worked GREAT on every internet site. Emailed, chatted, etc.I at one time had an awesome website.......back then I also could use a regular camcorder and send voice and video and pics thru email or "scan" things online.....NO viruses, NO worms........no upgrades, no hardware or software, no other expenses aside from monthly access fee.
Hooked it up to the TV in my living room, and it was never a problem with the kids doing things they maybe shouldn't, becuz they were right there smack dab big as life in living room. When I got sick, we moved it to my bedroom TV, nice becuz the keyboard has always been wireless remote.......
It does not have a mouse, LOL....I have "scroll" keys and arrow buttons.

I guess I way way more than got my moneys worth out of the poor old thing. LOL. Gosh I sure do love it by now. We have such a history, LOL.


Thank you dreamer.

You can find refurbished laptops on ebay, too. A coworker of mine got one that way. I'll ask her how she knew the seller was reliable.

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Heather's made a good point. Travis bought husband a wonderful laptop on ebay and it was super cheap.

I always thought laptops would be hard to use. But having used them at school now (first time) I see in many ways it is much easier than the reg computer. You plug it in, turn it on and go. lol

And darn it, Travis is sleeping late this morning or I'd help about how to find out if the seller is reliable. I'll catch him when he wakes up.