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    I draw both SSDI Medicare A and B. I also draw VA medical insurance through a rather obscure program with compensates faimily members of those who've lost a spouse or parent to a combat-related illness or injury.

    I've gotten a whole slew of lorms to fill out, including one that basically said that so long as I was eligible for Medicare Part D, I was no longer eligible for medication coverage through the ChampVA program.

    Today, I got a huge booklet of medicare rules. They had all sorts of VA info but nothing on the specific type of coverage I have.

    I called Medicare and managed to get through to someone who knew the ins and outs of the medicare and VA systems.

    As it turns out, if you draw VA medical compensation that includes the medical benefits, then Medicare takes over (if you are eligible) as primary coverage, and ChampVA drops back to supplemental.

    My ChampVA coverage for medications doesn't go away.

    So, basically, I have Medicare Part A and B, and the ChampVA acts as my supplemental and Part D.

    My situation is a bit odd because of the type of VA comp I draw and because of the fact that CHAMPVA insurance is different from the TriCare that most disabled vets can draw.

    If any of you have lost a spouse due to a combat related illness or injury, push it with the VA. Not only can you actually get your deserved level of compensation, but you get add'l medical ins as well.

    If I had had children, they would have the ChampVA coverage as well, until they reached adulthood, plus I would've gotten more compensation.

    Also, VA coverage/pensions have no bearing on SSDI pensions. The two items are completely seperate. You can draw both with no problem.
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    Thanks, GN... navigating through the various medical and pension programs is difficult at best.
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    You would think that after thirty years I would be able to navigate DoD and VA paperwork. I still loathe it.

    When husband was alive, anything military-ish got handed right to him.

    Medicare can be a bit of a PITA on the phone to deal with as well, but they have a better computer system and can quickly and easily pull up info on your various types of benefits.

    I have noticed one real change in both agencies since Obama took office. Customer service has gotten much quicker, and much POLITER to deal with. I have a feeling some senior management was either changed or just taken out back of the barn.

    Now, if we could just get rid of the one real pill who works for the SSA office in town. She comes off like anyone on SSDI is a freeloader and is basically taking food directly from her babies' mouths.