just changed difficult child's cell phone number

Discussion in 'Parent Emeritus' started by KFld, Jul 23, 2007.

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    difficult child called me this morning and said that wingnut called his cell phone last night and his new girlfriend answered it. She was saying things to her like tell your boyfriend to stop calling me 20 times a day and all kinds of stuff to cause trouble. He had me call and change his number. He has two phones. One on our family plan which is the one I changed, and his own that he pays for and dropped in a puddle last week and has to wait until he has 50.00 for a new one, which will be Wednesday. When he gets that one back he is going to change that number also. I guess she keeps texting him pictures of herself with other guys also.

    He asked me how to get a restraining order too, which I told him he could call the police station and ask, but they aren't easy to get unless she physically shows up and threatens him or his new girlfriend. I'm sure she will show up once she realizes the numbers are no longer working.

    This girl has a sick sick mind and I can only hope and pray that he really is done with her this time. We have been through this in the past though where we change his number and shortly after he calls her from it.

    Let's all keep our fingers crossed!!!!
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    It is so good to hear that your son is taking a truly positive step to get wingnut out of his life. Give him a big hug when you see him. This step can't be easy for him given all of the past history.
  3. Suz

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    Karen, he needs to start documenting everything...times, dates, content of the contact, etc. If he has the "storage" he needs to save as much proof as possible. It might be that she could be prosecuted for "stalking" if he has difficulty with a restraining order. Regardless, he needs to be gathering evidence.

  4. KFld

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    Thanks. I'll have to tell him that. He said she was calling with her new boyfriend in the background telling my difficult child to stop calling her 20 times a day. Obviously she's trying to cause trouble between difficult child and this new guy, so difficult child is afraid they will show up where he works. The cell phone logs will show who was calling who if it comes down to it. I told them if she shows up to pick up the phone and call the police no matter where they are.

    I also have to tell him to make sure he tells work that if anyone calls there asking for his new number, they are to give it to no one. She will do whatever it takes to get this number.

    I have a feeling this is going to get worse before it gets better. She is such a sick sick person.
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    Picture the choir, with the rays of sun behind it....

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    He just went to the police station and reported her harassing him and his new girlfriend. They said they will call her and give her a warning and then if she contacts him again they will have her arrested for harassment and then a restraining order could be put in place. He's home documenting everything.
  7. 1905

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    That's great the police are in the picture and are on board with the whole situation. He's acting very smart, it's a shame she continues to act like this. The documentation is what will help him to get the restraining order. But I do know the police can call a judge- and get a temporary restraining order. He can have one put into effect quickly without having to wait for a court date. If it came down to her actually being arrested, he should ask for a temporary one that minute. Then she'll be out of his life for good.-Alyssa
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    Wow! It's a wonderful sign that he is taking action. He has come such a long way in such a short time, Karen. You and husband
    must be beaming with pride. DDD
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    <span style='font-family: Comic Sans MS'><span style='font-size: 14pt'>SWEET! </span> </span> :dance:

    Hope all goes well from here, and that if she does show up & the police warn her, that's it & that's all!

    Have to wonder, what new boyfriend must be thinking at this point, and what will transpire if she gets a warning :devil:

    Good for difficult child for finally taking a stand! I know what you mean when you say, been there done that before, but with nice new girlfriend in the picture, I have a feeling he'll stick to it this time! :smile:

    Glad for you & yours

  10. saving grace

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    WOOHOOOOOO!!!!! :bravo:

    Way to go! I hope that this positive step forward will get him one step closer to being rid of her for good.

    He should expect the police to come back to him with her counter threat of harrasment. either way, its documented now.

    Why does he have to wait to get the phone back to change the number? Doesnt he just have to call up and have them change it. I dont think you need the phone.

    He should make sure he keeps physical copies of his cell bills as well with the documentatiions.

  11. SunnyFlorida

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    :bravo: What a very mature and correct decision your difficult child did.

    He IS doing soooooooooooooooooo well.

    Congratulations :warrior:
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    This is great! I'm so glad he's taking steps to deal with her for good and that he's finally gotten the police involved! He should have done that a long time ago. She just doesn't give up, does she! Why did he even answer the phone when she called?

    She's actually playing both sides against the middle here, isn't she? She's trying to cause trouble between difficult child and his new girlfriend by making the girlfriend think that difficult child's still calling her (Wingnut) ... and she's doing in it front of her new boyfriend so he thinks that difficult child is still in "hot pursuit" of her! She's a real piece of work!

    Have you met the new girlfriend yet? Of course, unless she's one of the Manson girls or something, she's got to be a big improvement over Wingnut!
  13. KFld

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    Donna, we met her on Sunday night and we really really liked her.

    Grace, He has to wait because he not only has to come up with the money to get a new phone, he also owes a past due phone bill and it will probably cost money to change the number, so he needs $$$$ first. He gets paid tomorrow, so he's going to take care of it all then. They probably wouldn't change it if he called because he owes money.
  14. saving grace

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    Yeah that makes sense. Maybe he should just pay the bill and cancel the phone all together and use the family line.

    Look at where he is now compared to where he was a year ago with this chick. Wooohooooo for him. Keep on moving