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    ... after Bunny's recent therapist experience. You guys have pointed out that we have an amazing psychiatrist, and the evidence keeps piling up. He's given me his cell number (I have home, too, but won't use it) and email to phone. Last night when CeCe acted up I emailed, and he responded immediately and checked psychiatric hospital beds (wait until tomorrow). Then shared his own frustrations with CeCe - that's open communications.

    P.s., since my last post was that she was going to Residential Treatment Center (RTC). She was in for 3 weeks (!insurance!), out for 3 weeks, psychiatric hospital for 6 days, out for 2 days, and heading back to psychiatric hospital - it's her preferred living arrangement. BUT - Medicaid called Wednesday and straightened out the records (no, she's not my niece), so she's approved retroactive to November and we're waiting for the cards and admission to the Medicaid-only Residential Treatment Center (RTC) that the therapists all recommend for her. Hope - it's perpetually over the horizon.


    TG for my ADHD - every day is a new day :)
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    Sounds like you're on a very familiar rollercoaster. Insurance can be such a PITA. Glad it is all working out though. And yes, you are one of the lucky ones that actually has a competent and "human" psychiatrist. Good for you!!
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    Yes you are! Thought we just recently changed my oldest difficult child/easy child to a new dr for medication and she actually has a PA now. WOW, this doctor is on the ball. Personally called back yesterday to make sure new medication change didn't have any side effects already, discussed that she had gone and spoke to primary care dr (in same building) about new medications and also a medical issue that she has to make sure no interfences and to let us know that some additional blood panels were being added to the lab slip.

    I love it when good docs are......well good!
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    Sure hope the Residential Treatment Center (RTC) you want comes through so she can gain some stability. glad it is going well overall for you! you deserve it.
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    Your psychiatrist is a gem! They are rare (we are lucky to have a great one too).