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Discussion in 'Parent Emeritus' started by sooooo tired, Aug 14, 2018.

  1. sooooo tired

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    I havent visited this site in awhile mostly because it reminds me of the past. I havent talked to my daughter in over two years now. Though my life is sooooo much calmer and I am very happy. I am going to retire the end of September and am marrying an awesome man. You would think my life would be complete. But thoughts of my daughter and 3 of my grandchildren I never see makes me really sad sometimes. Obviously she really doesnt care. My grandsons grandpa died a while back and my daughter made the comment that she wished it would have been me instead of him....WOW!! So I guess I go on with my life and try to be the happiest I can be, but no matter what anyone says,,,,,it still hurts:frown:
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    I am so sorry that your daughter said such an awful thing to you. Also that your grandchildren do not know your love. I am glad you have found a significant other to support you. Prayers
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    Hi Soooootired, it is so wonderful to “see” you. I am sorry for your need to be here, for your sadness over your grands and daughter. I remember well your posts. You have been through so much with your daughter. I understand how tough that is, especially with grandchildren in the mix. Yes, it does hurt. It wells up in me at times too, and I let the feelings flow. We are only human, raised our kids and love them. When they go off the rails it is a heart wrenching journey for us.
    Through all of that, you have managed to take your life back. I am so happy for you, that you have an awesome partner and are able to retire soon! I pray that you are able to move through the feelings of sadness and loss, which is the reality we face with our wayward adult children. I am sorry for your aching heart, and amazed at your strength and resilience. While it is hard knowing our adult kids are out there, living their lives as they do, we have our own lives to live. We matter. You matter Soooootired, and despite the hardship, you are grabbing your life back.
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    Hi Soooootired - I wish you (and all of us) didn't have to be back here. I don't think the hurt ever goes away, no matter how much time passes by. And the thoughts of what we are missing with grandchildren, etc. just add to it. I'm sorry that your daughter still uses "word weapons" to hurt you.

    There is good news you are telling us - upcoming retirement and marriage to a wonderful new man! I hope that you are able to focus on those events and that they bring you peace and joy.

    Hugs to you.