Just got home from meeting with the school


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I just got home from a meeting from moose's school, and learned that he is have some major issues since being changed from the Focalin XR to Medadate CD, that are really disturbing, like touching others and being mean and angry for no reason. Also I learned that they both are no longer protected from being expelled from school due to their behavior problems, because they no longer have an IEP, and no 504 in place. Does anyone know how I can get this back they both have had IEP's since they were 3 and in the early intervention since day 1. If my kids don't have any of this they have no rights in school is what I am being told. I also asked for a total reevaluation on moose asap but the principal said we don't need one, correct medication will solve the problem, and if it doesn't I have the right to expelle him. I am so mad I don't know what to do. If anyone knows what route to take I would appeiciate the help.


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Since when did he become the Dr. and know that the correct medication would solve all problems. What happened to the IEP, they do not just go away? They have to involve the parents if they retested and decided that they no longer need this. You would have been called in and signed off on all this. They cannot just take the IEP away. I would be spitting nails. Sounds like they are covering up some kind of mess up with paper work on their part. I wish I had words of wisdom, all I can say is find an advocate that knows the ins and outs of the system and ask them to come with you to the next meeting, that you request soon. Follow up on todays session with a letter to the principal and to the spec. ed coordinator and the superintendent, restate what was said to you and your response. Everyone else may not go along with the principal when push comes to shove. Lisa


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Yes again why is the IEP gone. Obviously his disability is affecting him in school. I would send a letter stating you never agreed to the IEP ending and want to make sure it is still implemented. I would also request for a functional behavioral assessement and positive behavorial plan in writing. Really keep an eye out for your child. Have you ever had a full psychological evaluation from a PHD psychologist(not from school insurance will pay for it?) The reason why I am mentioning it because stimulants made my son very unstable and he wasn't really adhd but he was bipolar.


Children with IEPs can only be dismissed from eligibility via an IEP meeting. Have you attended an IEP where difficult child was deemed no longer eligible? Have you received any paper work to that effect?

Regarding the evaluation request, you'll have to put the request in writing and send it via certified mail. Send it to the Special Education Director of the District.

The school district must evaluate or show cause for why an evaluation is not necessary.

Prinicpal is out of line with-the medication comment. Additionally, she should know that medications are just one possible tool -- certainly not a silver bullet (cure).