Just not my week - Kanga hurt me & herself UPDATE


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Kanga is completely out of control. She is banging her head on the wall, kicking me, trying to bite me. I have locked the boys and I in my room. husband is out with Piglet and they won't be home for an hour at least. I almost took her to ER this afternoon but I was able to get her to take a Risperdal and she fell asleep. Now she lunged at me trying to bite my arm and caught my ring across her face. It looks like I beat her -- and I didn't touch her!!

I need her to live elsewhere but I don't know how to go about doing that. I'm so scared that she is going to hurt me or one of the other children. And her self-injury is increasing :frown:

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Call 911 & ask for transport to ER. I've done this many times for kt.

It's not safe to have a self harming child locked away from a supervising adult while that adult is protecting the rest of the children.

Saying some prayers.


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I am so very very sorry, JJJ. It's tough when our kiddos are this out of control. I always cringed when thank you hurt himself (bruises, scrapes, etc.) because there was always such a good chance he was going to come up with- some fantastic story about the "abuse" going on at home.

Have you hooked up with- SASS yet and investigated the Individual Care Grant thru DHS? If you're looking for Residential Treatment Center (RTC) placement (I simply *cannot* say enough about the one associated with- the hospital that we have in common - but there are several decent ones in the area), the ICG is the way to go and SASS facilitates it. Feel free to PM me if I can help.

Hugs... and again, I'm just so sorry.

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Starting or increasing self harming behavior as well as anger, aggression, hostility are all known side effects of antidepressants. Risperdal might put her to sleep for a while but it won't stop the adverse reaction.


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Hi Linda,

She only self-injures with an audience. I have taken away her audience. I can hear her -- she is crying in her bed so I know she is safe at the moment.

We've done the ER trip 4 times in the last 10 months which resulted in 2 hospital stays and being sent home twice. As she is not suicidal, this will be a round trip. If she is still raging when husband gets home, he'll go to ER with her just to get it documented.

I'm calling our screening & assessment line tomorrow and hopefully get her back in partial hospitalization, again.


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Smallworld and Sara,

I'm thinking the Prozac is if not making it worse, certainly not helping. We have an appointment for testing tomorrow at the psychiatrist's office so I'm hoping they can squeeze in a medication check appointment.


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husband talked to her on the phone. She said she is mad because I wanted her to do what she's suppose to do (schoolwork, chores) and I'm mean cause she just wanted to watch tv all day.

But she is now in her bed, not asleep yet but quiet.


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Many {{{hugs}}}. I really hope Kanga can get the help she needs, not only for herself but for the whole family. Please be safe & keep us updated.


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OML, and you're supposed to be homeschooling her?

No wonder you're desperate.

They'd have to put me in a straight jacket if I had to homeschool. We have our strengths, but that just ain't my idea of bearable. Especially since we primary caregivers always get the brunt of it.

Any other school options?

Life is hard enough without having to educate her also, don't you think?

I am sooooo sorry. That must hurt. And you know you don't deserve it.
been there done that


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Thanks all.

been there done that - She is on homebound while she is being tested for a new placement. The school does send a tutor 5 hours a week but she is suppose to be doing reading outside of those 5 hours. We're waiting on two outside testers to get her scheduled -- the school has done all but one test and that will be done this week. So, hopefully this will not last much longer.