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    In my free time I volunteer for the Red Cross in our area. I do various tasks for them. Amazingly many of the skills to work with our kids help develop the compassion to help those in need.

    The other night we had our annual Volunteer appreciation dinner. It was at a lovely place in our town and dinner was amazing. Then they handed out awards. I was so surprised that I recieved one. I enjoy what I do. I get to use skills from all parts of my life that I have previously aquired and feel so useful. To get an award for it was just so thrilling.

    I just had to share with everyone. I certainly dont' do it for the recognition but when it happens it feels darn good.

  2. Mattsmom277

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    Congratulations! It is great to hear you are being acknowledged for what you do to help others :) Enjoy your moment!
  3. gcvmom

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    That's so wonderful to hear! As a stay at home mom who worked in the corporate world before starting my family, I've often wonder if my education and experience would ever be needed again, or if anything I'm learning on my parenting leg of life will ever apply to anything I'll ever do again. After today's meeting with difficult child 1's teachers, I realize that EVERYTHING I've ever learned or done applies to EVERYTHING I'll ever do, and the things I've learned as a parent and spouse of difficult child's are probably the things that will serve me and others I meet in life the best. :D
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    It's great to be acknowledged for doing something for free. It is difficult to find reliable volunteers so when they come along you know they are special people....I hope you got a BIG PLAQUE to hang on your wall....I'm sure you deserve it!
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    Volunteering in and of itself is such a good feeling, but when you are recognized for it, especially when it's unexpected, it's a nice thing. Congratulations.
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    :bravo:How awesome! Congratulations!:bravo:
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    So happy that you are noticed for making one of the million contributions you make every day.
  8. Wiped Out

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    :yourock: Congrats! Good for you for finding time to volunteer with all you have going on!
  9. Star*

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    The Red Cross is one of my favorite charities. When my house burned to the ground - they were there. I found it incredible - it didn't seem like anyone had called them; they just showed up.

    Even teh men I worked with from Honduras told us about the Hurricane that leveled their village and the Cruz Rosa was there.

    Beth I'm honored to know someone who volunteers for such a worth while organization. With your knowledge and skills I'm sure the place is better for having you there. They don't just give out awards - you really have to earn it and be recognized.

    PROUD OF YOU FRIEND!!!!!! Congratulations.
  10. Andy

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    Congradulations! Volunteering is so good for the soul. Thank you for sharing your talents with helping the world be a better place. :)
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    Congratulations! That's so great!