Just wanting to say Hello to all my old and new friends here ..I'm back !!!

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Cass40, Jan 23, 2012.

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    :smiles: Hello my friends looks like I have alot of catching up to do.The site looks great alot of changes I've noticed so guess Im going to have to learn a few new things.I have posted in the General Forum a bit about whats been going on and that I'm now dealing with difficult child issues with my grandson that we are raising.I still have some issues at times with my adult difficult children but over the years I have been finding ways of not letting there negativity get to me. I have missed this place and the great people here I think of our dear Joybells often a member who I was blessed to get to know and have a few visits with before she passed away she was such a sweet and great lady.Anyone want to share any updates on how things have been with them I would love to read them :smiles:
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    Hi, Cass...

    I'm not an "oldie" - but it's always nice to see fellow Canadians on the Board!
    Welcome back.
  3. Cass40

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    Well thank you Insanecdn it sure is nice to have fellow canadians on board as every country offers different things for our kids so its always good to get feedback from everyone and from fellow canadians that know of our resources.
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    Hey...Im still here and kicking. Welcome back! Lots has changed in my world since you have last been here I believe. Cory has 2 kids now- 5 year old Keyana and 4 month old McKenzie, Jamie is out of the Marines and works for the Sheriffs dept up in Virginia and is married with 2 kids of his own- 4 year old Hailie and 2 year old Michael. Billy still lives with us but hopefully he will be leaving soon. However Tony is bringing his brother in so that isnt good. Sigh.
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    HI, nice to meet you... I am relatively new here, though have been pretty intense online... clearly my saving grace to be here.

    Hope you stay a while.....
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    Well theres my good ole friend Melissa :D Yes Janet it does sound like alot of changes but they sound like positive ones which are great, its the positive that make up for the negative. Buddy welcome I'm sure you will find alot of support and helpful resources here its been a couple years since I've been here with my difficult children moving out on there own and things not being as hectic in our home. I was so thankful for this site & forum it helped me get through some struggles and just when I thought life was settling down for me these behaviours pop up with our grandson so I'm back cause I think I'm going to need the support once again.:peaceful:
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    Hello Cass, I know you from way back when. Yes, Joybells passing was a very great loss to this board, I agree. I spoke to her on the phone when I was in the USA about eight or nine years ago -- oh golly, is it that long already?

    I too don't join in so much because my difficult child is on the other side of the world (hurrah!) in Australia, but I still come here all the time, because I want to keep in touch with everyone and see what's happening, and I find this place balm for my soul.

    I hope for your sake that your grandson difficult child doesn't keep you here too much!

    Love, Esther