Kanga & the Residential Treatment Center (RTC)

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by JJJ, May 14, 2008.

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    I feel my energy coming back :)

    To catch y'all up, after being in the hospital Friday - Sunday (which I told you about), I had to go back in on Thursday for 2 days so I missed the Residential Treatment Center (RTC) interviews. Big Kudos for husband for stepping up to the plate and taking her.

    One of the RTCs she interviewed with is brand new (started by the psychiatric hospital that she has been in numerous times) so they had 15 beds open and have been admitting girls like crazy. They called Monday at 2pm and wanted her admitted at 1pm on Tuesday. We somehow got her packed and there on time.

    She was irritable during the intake. At one point refusing to stay, then wanting us to leave so she could go see her room and meet the girls. She alternated between saying she is usually a great kid to admitting that she is violent and likes it. She knows her roommate from her last psychiatric hospital stay (the one she was at for 5 weeks).

    She called husband last night and was clearly honeymooing. Everything was "great" and she "loves" it there. Course, she hasn't started therapy yet ;)

    Course, find out that Post-Adoption only approved 90 days funding. What the heck do they expect her to get done in 90 days? Called the caseworker who said that they were shocked that Kanga didn't get our State Residential Treatment Center (RTC) grant and expect us to win the appeal, so they granted it for 90 days because they feel that we will have State grant funding by then. If not, they will, if the Residential Treatment Center (RTC) recommends it, probably renew her in 90-day chunks for a year.

    So, I'm trying to get my younger ones back to a normal life and set some 90-day goal for me so that if (since Murphy's Law lives here) she comes home, we are ready.
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    I'm just so glad she's finally there.
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    Thanks for the update. I'm glad your energy is coming back.
    I truly hope they make progress with-the therapy in that short of a time. I've got my fingers crossed. Take care.
  4. Glad you are getting your energy back! I sure hope that they are able to make some progress with Kanga. Certainly hope that you don't have to bring her home again, the back and forth isn't good for anyone.


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    I can only imagine how relieved you must feel. I hope the appeal is won. Many gentle hugs.
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    Thanks for the update. Hope things work out with the funding and that Kanga get the help she needs.
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    I am hoping she can finally get the long term help she needs.
    Do you like the psychiatrists?
    What types of medications or tests are they suggesting - or are they thinking just long term therapy is what she needs?
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    I'm so pleased to read your update on Kanga ~ it's good to hear that she's safe & sound at Residential Treatment Center (RTC).

    It's better to hear that you the the remainder of your family are at home & can begin to rebuild & recharge yourselves.

    You're likely to hear many phone calls like this from Kanga; we did from kt or wm when they were in Residential Treatment Center (RTC). We still hear from wm how he is well enough to be living here at home (even though he's lost every priviledge known to man).

    The quarterly funding issue is a pain ~ we did it for both kt & wm when they were in Residential Treatment Center (RTC). I have to say, we never got turned down, ever.

    Take some time before you take that on - get your family situated back at home & let the dust settle. Most likely kanga will prove herself that she needs continued funding.

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    Bravo Mom. Bravo husband. Bravo Brave Kanga!!!!!! I'm sure this has been such a tremendously stressful time for you all. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers - Glad to see there has been a positive outcome to ALL of your hard work. IT sounds the Christopher Robins' have a plan.

    Hugs & Love
    Hope you are feeling well from your stint at the hospital.

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    I am so glad you and the kidlets are back home, and that Kanga is placed. You know I only have the highest of praise for the other Residential Treatment Center (RTC) run by these folks. I hope the same excellence of care will be your experience.

    I'm worried about you - have they figured things out physically? I will admit to an evil chuckle that husband had to handle the interviews on his own.... karma. ;)

    I'm crossing every body part I have (a few of which are not meant to be crossed I'm sure) hoping that in these first 90 days you get approval from the grant folks so that the limbo can stop (and that Residential Treatment Center (RTC) is grant-approved facility). You all need a chance to regroup and resettle.

    I detest those honeymoons with a passion - especially when staff seems to be oblivious to the concept. I'm hoping staff will "get it" and that Kanga will dive in soon with her baseline stuff.

    Hang in there, JJJ. Enjoy your home and family, get rest, and I'm sending up positive vibes on many fronts for you!