Kanga's IEP Meeting


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Kanga's IEP meeting was interesting. She is now on Homebound pending the results of a full reevaluation. I was clear that I would not return her to current school, and that if Homebound is going well I will not be in any rush to return her to a school building. They agreed that I had valid concerns about her returning to current school (you think?) but they had a valid concern about the placement I was considering (all the other kids are MR and she is average IQ but functionally low). There was a program we had considered 3 years ago that the sped director noticed when she was looking through her old evaluations. Kanga was denied placement there because it is a very focused program and her test scores were not high enough for her to be admitted. I think we are trying to get her admitted now. I really like the director (even though she rejected her before, she spent alot of time explaining to me why she didn't think the program would have benefitted Kanga back then and she helped convince the district to give in on a few points back then). So, we compromised on Homebound for the next 4-6 weeks while her testing is done (she was also jumped to the front of the que of kids to be tested since she is the only one out of school).

So, I have all 4 kids home for the next two weeks and then Kanga home all day, every day for another month...yikes! Luckily, husband is taking Kanga on two short trips (3 days each) during the next 2 weeks so I'll have a bit of a break.


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I'm constantly amazed at how you always manage to find the best possible solution for your kids. I can hear the relief in your post, even if the next few weeks will be crazy.