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    How is husband recovering? Is he settling in?

    I hope he's adjusting. Just thinking about you all...
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    I also was wondering how your husband is doing? (While thinking to myself they send 'em home too soon)

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    Hoping no news is good news.

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    Hey thanks for asking, I'm sorry - I've been able to take a quick look at a couple of threads here and there but haven't had time to look over the whole board. husband has settled very well, he's been stable and hasn't had more pain since the first night home, and no arrhythmias, no more bleeding etc. I do think he came home a bit too early; the only reason I didn't complain was my fear of hospital superbugs, given that he'd had an invasive procedure. Plus we're blessed with a hospital five minutes away that will give him great care 24/7. But the first few days were stressful.

    Now he's feeling more confident, I think every morning he wakes up alive he feels better. :) And in spite of being a very active, driven person, he hasn't gotten obsessive and irritable about stuff around the house, and he hasn't gotten into arguments with difficult child. If anything, I've been more angry and frustrated with difficult child.

    I'm doing a lot of cooking, trying to make nonfat vegetarian dishes that are edible. I can't believe how much time it takes! But I'll get better at it.

    difficult child has really reasserted his personality disorder in all of this. Totally self-absorbed, told me he didn't feel anything when told how critically ill his Dad was, arguing and wanting to get into stupid stuff with me this week ... even though it's Christmas week I could see him walk out the door tomorrow, he's been that obnoxious. Yet he thinks life here is intolerable and we 'ride' him constantly, and he 'can't wait to move out'.

    This evening my own Dad called with the news that my stepmother has terminal cancer. He called within a few minutes of the doctor leaving (their family doctor made a house call to give them the news at 7:30 pm) and he and stepmother were in the initial shock and upset. I want so much to go and see them; my Dad is unwell himself and I don't know if he'll survive losing his wife, who has been a loving and caring woman and a godsend after the decades we all suffered of my mother's abuse. I can't leave husband right now but I wish we lived closer (7 hours' drive).
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    Katya I'm glad husband's recovery is going well. Cooking vegetarian meals is involved. Making them taste good a challenge. There are some good cook books out there. I'll have to look up the ones I have and give you the titles. They're really good for listing the fat, salt, ect in the recipe and such too. Very informative, most especially for a cookbook. My nephrologist "prescribed" them to me.

    Sorry difficult child is determined to be a major PITA while you're already being stretched thin.

    Remember to take some time for you too, even if it's just a few minutes break here and there. It adds up.

    Praying for an un-eventful speedy recovery for husband.

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    I hadnt realized husband was ill. Im glad he is getting better. Slap difficult child silly for me for being a PITA. If he is doesnt like the accommodations where he lives now, he is welcome to find ones he likes better...but do it quickly, I hear its cold up there!

    You know....There are more sick parents on this board than kids...lol
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    Hi Janet, it's great to hear from you!! I'm sorry I've missed threads all over the place the past couple of weeks, but it's wonderful to know you're home and recovering. You are a tough, determined lady! Thanks for your good wishes and I wish I COULD slap difficult child silly - it would make me feel better, anyway. PITA is right. Bleh. And yes it's ridiculously cold up here so you'd think he'd appreciate his warm home, wouldn't you?

    Thanks Lisa for your kind thoughts and wishes. I'm going to take a little downtime this afternoon and get my hair cut so will enjoy every minute of peace and quiet.
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    I'm glad to hear that husband is doing so well.

    I imagine coming up with tasty no-fat, vegetarian meals is hard. Does the Ornish Program have a cookbook that you could use?

    I'm sorry difficult child is being such a PITA.
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    Thanks Heather, I just ordered a slew of cookbooks - Ornish, McDougall, Fuhrman. I'd read their stuff in the past but there was no way, at that time, that my family was going to tolerate going vegan and low-fat. Now it seems there's an opportunity; I've been convinced of the theory for a while. One thing I've done is to get another Vita-Mix. I had one for fifteen years and it was the best thing ever! It's more powerful than any blender out there, plus it'll actually grind wheat into flour (yes, I had a phase of grinding my own wheat and making bread with it). The smoothies it makes are fantastic. Hopefully I'll keep husband happy with smoothies while I learn more vegan recipes that don't involve tofu. :p