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    They are dealing with their own idiotic difficult child former friend of Mandy's. I shall do my best to explain. Its complicated.

    This girl...lets call her Loony because she is, is crazy as a loon. Certifiable really. About 2 and a half or 3 years ago, Cory, Mandy and I had to rush out to her mom's house and get her because she was threatening to commit suicide and she had swallowed a ton of pills. We took her to the ER and Cory got her admitted for a 72 hour hold. Yeah thats my boy! He knows all about psychiatric At that time I tried to convince him to use an ambulance but no, we had to use my car because she would run if we sent the cops and a bus. Even in my car she was trying to jump out of the back seat and Cory and Mandy were sitting on either side of her and holding her in! All over her baby daddy...ugh. forward to this past June. I hadnt heard much about her over the past few years. I dont know if they have had much to do with her or not...dunno.

    I was taking Mandy, Keyana and one of Mandy's friends little girls to a water park before Keyana left for MO. Mandy told me that Loony had chased down her babies daddy and beat the living tar out of him in his own parents home! Seems Loony lives with her mom and Baby Daddy(BD) lives about a half mile away from them. Loony now has 2 kids with him. Insert a big ugh. BD works somewhere that I dont know but they are not together and not dating anymore and he pays her child support but this of course does not make her happy. She is jealous.

    Loony saw BD come out of somewhere with some other girl and she waited till she saw BD go home and she followed him home and she started beating him at the front door and he ran in the house with her beating him. Give him props for not hitting her back. He got in the bathroom and his parents called the cops. While the cops were coming, Loony started hitting the parents and still started kicking and hitting the bathroom door until she broke the door in. Then she started hitting BD more! Cops finally got there and arrested her. Loony's mom bailed her out that night though but she was told to stay away from BD house.

    Did she? No! 3 am she shows back up at BD house and breaks in through a window and starts beating him up in his bedroom. His parents called the cops again and while the cops were coming Loony hits the mom with something, beats BD more and is still in a complete meltdown when the cops get there. She gets hauled away and is supposed to be held on a no bond because she is charged again plus broke that former bond...but...a few days later her mom manages to get her out. BUT...CPS took her kids from her and gave them to BD and his parents. GOOD! Obviously Loony and her mom dont have good sense.

    But now, Loony is out for revenge. Did I mention she is mentally ill? Mandy says she knows she is on Xanax but if she is supposed to be on anything else, she doesnt think she is taking it. Supposedly she is supposed to be going to therapy but she rarely goes and when she does, she blows up at them. Hmmm...bipolar anyone? I have seen this girl passed completely out on Cory's back porch. I asked what was up and he just shrugged.

    Seems she now has got it in her head that Mandy and Cory are involved in getting her kids taken away. Huh? Not. They have much more important matters on their minds than her life. But she is all over it now. She is calling everyone to try and make trouble for Cory and Mandy. She called Mandy's work and told them Mandy was the one who arranged the robbery at her work, that Mandy is dealing drugs in the parking lot at 2 am (security system proves untrue), and several other things I cant remember. She has called the cops and told them that Mandy and Cory are dealing crack, heroin, pot, pill, and ecstasy out of their house, she has told them that Cory has had 12 year old's snorting powder cocaine off his kitchen table, and on and on.

    She is really saying a whole bunch of stuff that could cause major problems to my kids. The cops have crawled my son. The only thing they found was half a smoked blunt. (thank you god!) The cops were really good about it. They didnt charge him with it. They looked at him with his back and just said they understood. They did say he needed to pay off his probation though immediately or this was going to probably end up being a problem of some sort so he had most of the money and I had to lend him a small amount of money.

    My son doesnt do anything other than pot. Simple as that. If this Loony tunes hurts them I will kill her. As it is, Mandy has been to the hospital twice in the last week and a half and she has dilated a centimeter. She isnt due until the last of September, first of October. If my granddaughter is born sick because of her, I will not be a happy camper. We have never had a baby not go full term. We have never had a sick baby. I am really worried.

    Please keep good thoughts that this all gets resolved well. The kids are trying to do it the right way by doing it legally, calling the cops, handling it with the courts and no contact orders. So far that doesnt seem to be doing a whole lot of good. Loony keeps coming by and taunting them. Sigh.
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    Hopefully Mandy will take it easy and ease through to full term. I was dilated and lost the plug early (3-4 weeks) and Kiddo was 11 days early, so there is certainly hope that Mandy can make it. Any chance of a camera system to prove she's repeatedly breaking the no contact order? Why hasn't this Loony been committed yet? I'd think she's proven she's a danger to others by now.
    Either way, I'll be rattling beads that Mandy makes it through with a healthy bouncy babe and Loony ends up in a body cast soon. Or at least a straitjacket.
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    Prayers and positive thought going out to all of you and the baby.

    Any chance Loony's family has money? Sounds like a slander suit waiting to happen. Maybe threatening the mom with the suit will get her to commit her daughter? Just me thinking in 'fantasy land' again - the moon is full.
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    Why on earth did they ever agree to let her go the second time? That enabling mother of hers is doing her no favors! If someone had been hurt in her latest tirade, both the mother and whoever in the court system decided to release her would be equally to blame! Has the BD's family pressed charges against her? If not, they should, especially if the children are with them now.

    I really don't understand Loony's mother's thinking in all this though. She's got to know that if her daughter's uncontrolled violent behavior continues, there is a very good chance that she will get hurt, either by the police or by one of her intended victims! At least we can see where "Loony" gets it from!

    I hope that Cory and Mandy will be OK, especially with Mandy being pregnant. I wouldn't worry too much about an early baby though. For all practical purposes they consider anything after 37 weeks to be full term. My daughter walked around part way dilated for a long time before she finally delivered. Ethan was born three full weeks early and he was just fine and still weighed over eight pounds!
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    Its only 8/13 and she isnt due until at least 9/24 though...sigh. She really still has about 7 weeks to go. Docs are saying 10/7 due date but we really cant see it as she is HUGE!
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    Janet -

    When I had my second one, we wanted to grab a quick trip into the States...
    I was Just under 8 weeks to my due date.
    Obstet said if it was any earlier than that, the answer would have been no - because it would have been a premie if I'd have gone into labour.
    From 2-8 weeks before due date, they call it a pre-term baby, they don't consider it a premie. (2 weeks pre-term = full-term)

    In other words - while its good to last closer to full term, she's far enough along that the risk of complications goes down a lot.
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    If Mandy keeps having issues with contractions have her ask them to give her the steroid shot to be certain the baby's lungs mature and they'll both be fine. If she's already huge, baby is probably ok weight wise for the most part. Oliver was still pre term, though not preemie, thank goodness. Even back when she was trying to go early his weight wasn't the issue it was his lungs.

    As for Loony, do the kids have a Protection Order against her? if not it would be a good idea. If she doesn't back off they might consider harassment and stalking charges.

    I think you're dealing with more than bipolar here, schizoeffective or whatever they call it comes to mind.

    Will be holding good thoughts and praying for the kids. This is the last thing they need.

  8. DammitJanet

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    Here you cant get a protective order unless several specific criteria are met and so far these arent them. They do have a no contact order. Similar but not exactly the same.

    I just want Cory to be left alone where the cops are concerned. He does not need anymore trouble there.
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    Ugh...major drama. Sending up prayers now.....
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    I know it is hard if not impossible to get a protective or restraining order here unless it is a family violence issue. Protective orders aren't worth the money or the paper they are written on since they are civil.
    I am going to bet CPS does end up investigating. Here they investigate anything. Even when there is something wrong though they drop the case eventually. So I doubt in the end it will cause real problems but will cause stress and misery for something unfounded. I'm sorry they are having to go through this. Hopefully it will be a good learning experience for them both. When you are friends with people like that it always comes back to bite you. I'm sure they have figured this out about her by now but hopefully will continue to remember it in the future and drop anyone else like her like a hot potato.
    Keep you guys and especially the baby in our prayers.
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    Is there a court date for the BD beating episodes? Maybe they can collaborate with BD in some way. These don't need any problems from anyone....not only before the baby comes, but after as well. She lost her kids and will be soooo jealous of Cory and Mandy. Do they have a dog? Prayers and good thoughts for Mandy and Cory.
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    Im not sure about the court date on the BD beatings. I was thinking about that last night as well. She should still be out on bond on that I would think which should mean all this drama is breaking her bond. Drug abuse, running around all hours of the night etc...that is breaking bond. I just might make a few calls to find out who her bondsman is if I can find them. Only so many!
  13. 1905

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    When our difficult child's are finally doing well, there's NOTHING worse than some outside strange drama thing!!! Especially when it took so long to get to this point!
  14. Stella Johnson

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    Since you live in a rural area I bet you could find out who the bondsman is. I totally agree that you should be making some phone calls. Doesn't take much for those guys to change their minds and yank her bond. If the bondsman yanks her bond it's very unlikely another one will bail her out.