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    difficult child managed to pass all of his classes. It may be a first for us in years. He got all C's and one B. He could have done better and was but he cycled and lost a little ground at the end. No complaints here though. I guess the funny thing for me was when he told me about several of his "normal" friends who failed a few classes. It's not really funny except for the part where they were jerks to him for having to leave football due to grades. Next year he gets to play since he pulled it all together. Next year his friends will not be playing at all, pretty much decided football isn't cool enough anymore, lol.

    These same kids were the ones who difficult child used as an example for all his behavior at school..."so and so does it" and "so and so's parents let them do more" and "so and so failed too" etc. etc. etc. So, I got myself a good giggle and serious "told you so" session. Now he finally understands I was right when I told him to wait and see how bad "so and so" were going to burn out this year.

    FINALLY my dear sweet *ahem* difficult child sees his first dose of logic and natural consequences. Bonus points for him thinking I was a witch all year and then agreeing with me at the end. :smug:
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    Congratulations! That is great.
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    I love this... I am glad you got to do the "I told you so" bit. Too dratted bad it doesn't work every time!
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    Good news! I love those logical consequences!
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    Awesome that he can see the consequences!! So often it doesn't happen that way.

    Congrats to him for passing!