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:smile: I am really enjoying the chaos 3 baby kittens brought to our house.
They are growing and scampering all over the place. 2 of them seem to LOVE the bathtub! :bath:

They will cry if you close the door and jump in with you if you are in tub or shower!

Only one has found the windowsills, so far. and often he gets up there, behind the curtain- and then- he sometimes FALLS out! LOL.

Last nite I had to convert misting spray bottle of water to squirting spray bottle of water cuz the kittens decided dinner smelled good, and I have a gas stove! YIKES!

Dog is slowly getting used to them being here. He has one he likes best.

2 of the kittens have learned to growl like a dog.

It is so funny when they are off playing all over the house and then suddenly realize they are hungry. They all seem to get hit by the hungry bug at the same time, even if one is asleep somewhere and one is playing and one is being held, all of a sudden all 3 are in kitchen meowing their tiny kitty heads off at the same time!
One of them has much longer legs than the other 2, and he feels more sturdy, the one that was sick continues to be much smaller, more petite, just SO tiny, but........boy can she play! She is also the most cuddly one.


New Member sweet! I love cats (mama to 4 fuzzies) and one of ours is a little person - he's never gotten bigger than kitten size but his health checks out fine. He wasn't the runt of the litter, he was the litter! He was born with CH though but now his back legs are very sturdy and you'd never know it unless I pointed it out. But he's the comic of the 4 - jumps in the shower with me or cries outside the door to be let in, and he's been known to jump into the fridge and freaks when the door closes - I never even saw him jump in it - but I certainly heard him!

Do you have any photos of your babies? :smile:



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LOL, yup, 2 of our kitties are fascinated with the fridge.
I have a couple pics but alas, I cannot get them online via my webtv and I am using the library computer when I make posts and replies here, and library does not permit me to do such things. Maybe one of my kids will get around to geting pics online at a friends house or something?
I have lost track, but I think they are around 12 weeks old. 2 are all black, and one is tabby gray. (his ears have the tiniest edge of white along the edges of his ears, LOL) The tabby is biggest. I personally thing the tabby one has a different daddy and was conceived considerably older in utero than the 2 black ones. Their mommy was quite tiny and quite young......the daddies do live in the house with the momma,

I have always had kitties, BUT, LOL it has been YEARS (like 20) since I have had a kitten. I had forgotten just how fun they are!


Awww. They're so much fun.

Our cat is baking another batch for us. We joke she's fertile myrtle. These will be outside kittens, tho.

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<div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Quote:</div><div class="ubbcode-body"> 2 of the kittens have learned to growl like a dog</div></div>

That made me laugh. Our cat William Wallace aka Willie was so very young when we brought him home from the pound he wasn't yet weaned. Our eldest dog Molly has a thing for babies, doesn't matter what the species. lol She doted over Willie when he was little and he always played with the dogs.

I swear Willie believes himself to be a dog. He likes to be scratched like a dog, plays like a dog, and still growls like a dog. He even defends our house from stray dogs. :rofl: I have to bring him inside when I notice a stray so he won't get himself hurt. Sheesh!

Glad to hear the sick one is doing well and you're enjoying the kitties so much. They are alot of laughs when they're small.