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    I have been on this board since difficult child was 4. I left for a while and returned. I received treasured advice. Been on this roller coaster too long. difficult child started out getting kicked out of pre-school, advanced a grade in elementary, he has been hospitalized. And now at age 16 is all set to graduate at semester. difficult child has ALWAYS disliked school more than anyone I know. In Elementary I had the counselor come to my house and say "nobody wants him". She stuck by him then and has always been there. Middle school was the worst, they ALL gave up on him and told me he would never make it.

    Well is it too early to celebrate?

    difficult child currently has a student partnership working at an elementary school Kindergarden class as teachers aid - gets a credit for this.
    Has One manufacturing/CAD engineering honors class at school and One E-school class. So, he is currently at school for one class.

    At our IEP meeting I sat back and listened to the Resource teacher say how all the teachers can't believe the young man and outstanding student difficult child has become....considering the issues he has overcome. Principal came in and offered some options for difficult child.

    Instead of graduating at semester, stay on as a unified student and continue the partnership at the elementary school. He can then apply for Youth Options. In our state if you have atleast one class at the high school you can apply at the local colleges (we have 3) and take up to 11 credits and the district will pay for it. his plan was to take a class or two at the local college second semester anyway. But he would have to continue to carry atleast one class and graduate in May with the rest of the seniors.

    difficult child / school / me do not mix. He absolutely hates school. Well, I must rephrase that now. He does not like the traditional class. In his engineering/manufacturing is honors and taught by the local college professor. Tells them what he expects, this is what you need to it. And difficult child is doing fantastic. Top of that class. He is not going to the district high school, it is a choice school, or charter I guess. It is a college prep school. one of 3 in the country with the advanced technology. The local college has classes that are taught AT the high school due to the technology.

    I didn't say a word to him as far as what I would like him to do. I told him I am so proud of him, and this is up to him.
    He went to a meeting at school last night and called me to say "Mom....I am going to college".

    He is very good at the technology classes, but said he would like to be a counselor in elementary school because HIS elementary counselor was there for him when nobody else was. She is STILL his best friend. She never gave up. He wants to be like her.

    Now, you must remember he is only 16 years old. I do not expect him to choose his career at this young age. But it is a start.

    He also can get a credit for working. His manager signs a contract and he works atleast 10 hours a week, and he gets a credit. Since he is working anyway it can't hurt to do this.

    The transition lady for the district was in the meeting and said, "difficult child, where do you plan to live after graduation?" His reply "well, since I am 16 years old I don't think my parents would let me move out." She did not realize he was so young.

    I am so proud of him. He has come so far. Still have some down falls, but right now I just want to focus on that good news. And be proud of him.

    Many people come on this board and ask if there are any success stories. I was one who asked that. And I consider this a success story.
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    Yay difficult child!

    Congrats on your success story and thanks for sharing it. You'd think in this day and age schools would be better equipped to handle students who do not do well in traditional classes. Yay for difficult child perservering and congrats to his parents :)

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    And so do I.

    Even if there are a few more bumps in the road ahead... some of those are just part of normal life. To have come this far...

    Not to feel proud about, but to feel good about - the real goal was to get difficult child "on his feet"... and that has been attained. Even if you had to move Kilimanjaro and climb Everest to do it.

    I can just about see your smile from here!
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    Thanks for sharing that. It is days like this that really make me wonder if there is any hope at all. Thanks for letting me know there is. Maybe I can last another day.
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    I am so happy to hear that all the blood, sweat, and tears have paid off.
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    Before I even got to this part:
    I started thinking, wait! Hold on! Don't you have dual enrollment up there? I'm so glad you do!
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    KJs-This is such a heartwarming post-so happy for you!
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    My keyboard is wet. I admit I cry at coffee commercials but this is really touching. I am so choked up. This is a great story and not only is his success amazing and inspiring, yours is too. Thank you so much.
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    This is for certain a success story. Not only inspirational for other parents here, but for professionals like me who know kids like your boy who are struggling in their own bodies right now.