Latest mother in law drama; want to hear about it?

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    No? Doesn't matter, I will tell you anyway :p

    Unfortunately not as entertaining than wrong crops planted to the field next to her garden. More annoying and less hilarious.

    Christmas is near so it is time for some mother in law melodramatics. Unfortunately all her other kids are smart enough not to answer to her calls or show their face before it is so near Christmas that it is safe to approach again. We live too close and husband is bit naive when it comes to his mom (okay, risking revealing my sexiest attitudes I venture to say that most men are naive and gullible when it comes to their mothers) so he has not been smart enough to take cover and simply disappear for week or two to avoid getting middle of this Christmas's drama. (I have to say I'm happy that next generation seems smarter; I found Joy hiding behind the couch one day last week after he had noticed mother in law coming to prowl through our house.)

    Well, anyway, mother in law doesn't seem to be on the top of her game this time and haven't come up with anything too creative to get upset over. So she has gone back to her favourite topic - me. Because she has not been able to reach her other kids to complain about me, and because she knows husband will not listen her bash me too long before taking my side, she did what she always does when she is upset with me and can't complain too much to husband, she turned onto difficult child. Him she can bash with fake grannily concern which husband buys every time.

    However this time difficult child hasn't annoyed husband seriously in at least three weeks (and husband is an easy going guy, he is basically incapable of carrying grudge over two weeks, so difficult child is currently in his good books) and husband was actually standing up for difficult child. That led to nasty fight between mother in law and husband. mother in law declaring all kinds of fun things starting from not coming to our house over Christmas to disowning husband and telling how he wasn't much of a son to begin with.

    husband does know that these are typical mother in law dramatics, but she has never ever turned on him before. husband is her Golden Boy whose farts smell roses. husband knows all his siblings have been there before. He knows it is just how his mom is. But he is hurt, upset, angry and can't believe his mom would say something like that to him.

    There will be concord come Christmas Eve. We will all be sitting at same table having a dinner. This will not be mentioned again (until in some coming drama.) And husband will not hold grudge especially against his mother, he will come up with 'reasonable explanation' for her 'atypical' behaviour sooner than later.

    Just now he is hurting though and I'm having trouble being a supportive wife. Would so much like to just roll my eyes and welcome him to the club. Of course then he would turn on me (in some ways he is his mother's son...)
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    I hate drama brought on by Holiday anxiety. We have one in the family, too. It saddens me a bit everytime.

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    I feel your pain. She sounds just like my aunt who raised me and we have since stopped dealing with because of all the drama. She'd always pull something out to be annoyed about and cause drama.

    I lol'd when I read the comment about easy child hiding behind the couch! :bravo:
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    I have to say I had great trouble keeping straight face too. And I couldn't after mother in law had left and I wasn't in danger of letting her know. You see, I was walking our dogs and when I came back I found mother in law middle of my kitchen calling if anyone was home. We live in an old farm house and have a huge kitchen with actual kitchen, dining and living room areas. We have tv and some couches to watch it from in living room area and behind them we have little bit space, few comfy chairs and then bookshelves on the wall, kind of reading area, I guess.

    When I came with the dogs, they went straight to behind the couch and were clearly very happy about something on the floor, so it wasn't difficult to guess that Joy was there lying on the rug and hiding from her granny. mother in law is not a dog person and was totally oblivious. I had to work hard to keep straight face and lie to her, that I thought Joy would be home but that he had probably went to drop by somewhere. I had quite a much fun on Joy's expenses afterwards :D
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    That's a riot!