Lexapro ???? husband update...


Mom? What's a difficult child?
husband went and talked to therapist and then was sent to an emergency apt to see our family doctor!!! They want him to start Lexapro to help with his "severe anxiety and depression" Before he can address any drinking issues they want him to work on these issues!!! WHich therapist feels is what led to him drinking anyway, which I pretty much agree with.

I think he was in denial a bit until today when he realized how freaked out both therapist and family doctor were by his moods... I am just so glad he went and talked. He said he was very honest and open.

We still have a long journey, when and were to find time for ourselves, what will come of this arrest, wont know anything for about 3 weeks, dealing with our g'sfg and learning that this is our lives... He has to face some facts and come to terms with some things and stop beating himself up and stop trying to fix everything. And let go of some of the guilt and anxiety... easier said than done!!!

WIsh us luck!!!
Anyone try Lexapro??? Any suggestions on am or pm use??? Thanks


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I don't know anything of that particular medication, but I am so glad someone is trying to get to the root of the problem. I hope it helps him.


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hi i used lexapro and found it to be wonderful.i felt better within a day.i took it for awhile when i was really at a low point.i used to cry a lot and always sad.the medicine helped me feel better.and get on with it .i dont take it any more because things in my life have gotten better but it worked wonderful for me.i hope it works for husband.keep us up to date.


I have two difficult children on Lexapro. Because it can in the beginning cause increased energy, our psychiatrists both recommended starting it in the morning. Surprisingly, difficult child 2 experienced fatigue on Lexapro so after a few weeks we switched her to evening dosing. difficult child 1 is still taking his dose in the morning. Lexapro in combination with Lamictal has worked very well for both of them (knock wood).

I hope Lexapro works well for your husband, too. I'll be thinking of you all.

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That may be one medication I've had no experience with...sorry. I hope this is effective for your husband & that things work out.

Sending you gentle (((hugs))) as you & husband work through this.


Mom? What's a difficult child?
Thanks everyone we will start it in the am and see how it goes!!! I never thought I would have so many medicated people in one house hold!!! Hey but if it keeps us all together and stable and sane and able to smile each day... well.



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Lexapro is a cousin to celexa and is supposed to be very good. In fact, it is almost a molecular mirror image but it is the more stable version from what I have been told.

I have a friend who has taken both and liked them. She switched to celexa because she lost insurance and walmart has it on their 4 dollar formulary.

I hope this works out well for him. Dont worry about having so many folks on medications in the house. I always say ...well I have a lot of sayings...The folks who medication together, stay together....(and to borrow one from kris) better living through chemistry!


My difficult child started lexapro 10 mg's about two weeks ago. Was awake for 5 nights (most of the night on and off) couldn't give to him in the am because He must get up and ready for school by himself three days a week, and gets a ride. He would not take it. So, now they countered with remeron to help him sleep. Boy, he sleeps. very tired.