Like or dislike social media?


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Believe it or not this is the only forum I read on social media. No FB , Twitter, anyone of the newer stuff, or any forums beside this one. I do like to look at YouTube for information and entertainment.

I decided I didn't want to put info and pictures on such apopular place as FB even with blocking. Plus it bored me. I talk to my kids almost every day so I don't need it for that and my sis in law and bro and law, my only other beloved family, don't do social media.

by the way if even one of you remembers that bro in law and sis and law were moving to, of all places, Alaska, I feel lucky once again as their daughter and son and law who live there decided to move back so Hub and I won't lose them after all. Yay! And our niece and nephew in law will also be here! We love them so much. Everything I have wanted to happen is coming true. Remember, your life can turn great and lucky too!!! Never think your life will turn out bad. I never expected all this great love. media???
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Enjoy facebook, which I am very active on. In addition to it enabling me to keep up and in touch with friends. It has enabled me to get back in touch with friends from the Army days, younger relatives, people I knew from long ago, etc. I have also joined groups devoted to subjects of interest and/or subjects I'm interested in learning more about. I enjoy it a lot. Of course...I'm also a grown up and know when to keep my mouth shut...(most of the time) I do have a Twitter account, but only read at this point.


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I use Facebook, have an Instagram account but never use it, and apparently I also have a Twitter account that I don't remember ever signing up for. I use Pinterest some, not a lot, and am on LinkedIn though I don't know why since I'm not job hunting.

So, I Facebook. That's really about all.


I am with you totally,

I absolutely despise it goes against life

Narcissistic,brain washing, crap.

Let's go fishing,camping,put ya bloody toes in the sand.

Cranky me with this.

Do kids even know how to catch tadpoles these days.


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I don't like social media for me. And it comlicates the lives of our kids. But I don't think it's horrible all around. People keep and stay in touch this way. Beats the cost of old long distance phone calls. I would probably use it more if that was the only way to connect with family and friends. I do text a lot.
My kids don't use FB often. I am disinterested in people I knew from high school because I knew so few. I do keep in touch h with my high school bestie who is in Illinois in fact we have plans for me to visit her when I am next in town (I prefer this to FB). I am gaining a small group of friends who live near and I don't need FB to communicate. So I don't have a need for it. But some people do. I was just curious.

I just personally don't like it.
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For the most part, I like groups like this. I have been helped here and I know others have as well.
For the most part, I do NOT like FB and I probably wouldn't like Twitter. Is it Pinterest that has a lot of creative ideas? I can see some validity to that if it sticks to that.
I have seen a LOT of oddities on FB. Alot of narcissistic behavior. And I don't like the fact that information is gathered by marketers and who knows who or what else. I do not use my last name nor a profile photo. I rarely if ever post a ton of photos and limit private information. I never post when I'm going on vacation. If I go out of town, I might not ever mention it...even afterwards. If I go on a special trip and want to mention it, I might post a few photos afterwards. I just keep things scaled back. I do think it tends to be a time waster. But, I try to use it in a positive light...sharing positive information...major life events, recipes and such.


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I use facebook but am liking it less and less to many false posts and pop ups.

...and politics. I HATE political posts. I had to "unfollow" a number of relatives during the election. I've gotten quite picky about just blocking some websites, so that even if a staunch right-wing friend posts an article of meme from one of those sites, I don't see it.

But for the most part I spend WAY too much time on Facebook. It's good, in that I can keep an eye on all the people I don't see regularly. It's bad, in that a lot of it is the "ad" type stuff and false "news" articles, etc., anymore. I try not to have any FB friends I don't personally know. The exceptions are people I'm with on other forums, like the old Weight Watcher's forums that are now defunct. Several of us found each other on FB and are "friends" now. I have exactly two ladies who are friends of friends - but otherwise, all people I personally know in real life.

I am "friends" with my son's girlfriend, but not my son.

I do Pinterest, but never really figured out how it's "social". I have people I follow and follow me, but I go there for food and craft ideas. It's a most enjoyable time-suck.

I have a Twitter account, but virtually never tweet. In fact, I don't think anyone is really linked to me there.

I have Instagram, but I don't do much there either.


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I like Instagram.

Word to the wise, though—if you start following even one cute furry animal, all the cute furry animals in the world (and not so furry) will start following you, and then you will feel obligated to folllow them back, then even more cute furry animals (and not so furry) will start following you, then you will have to spend your whole day “liking” their pics, and if you “like” their pics, even more cute (and not so furry) animals will start following you, and....