Lion Love

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    Lion Love
    This woman found this lion hurt and about to die. She took him home and took care of him. When the lion was better, she called the local Zoo. This was the reaction of the lion when he saw her for the first time again. Wow!
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    OMgosh, that is so awesome! I am a huge lion lover, that is just so cool!!

    Thanks for sharing!!
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    That's awesome! I showed it to mom and she said it was just like the Clan of The Cave Bear books. LOL

    I have to wonder, though, with that reaction....just how long did she have this lion???
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    *sniff* all I got was html code...
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    BBK -

    Use IE for that video. I only got the html code with Firefox, too.

    That made me all teary. *sniff*
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    That lion looks like he was just in pure joy! That was terribly sweet!
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    What I got was a picture and some text at the bottom in Spanish.
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    for those of you who couldn't see it, I found this on Youtube

    [ame=""]YouTube - Lion Embrace ! Abraco de Leao ![/ame]
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    I saw this before and just loved it-easy child loved it too. Thanks for sharing!!
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    For a similar one - look for the story about "A Lion Called Christian". There is a video, a short bit from a film they made about their lion.

    Back story - two young blokes living in a flat in Harrod's (London) actually bought this lion cub in the store (they say you can buy anything in Harrod's) and kept him in the flat. When he got too big they were told they'd have to take him to a zoo, but they didn't want to do that. This was in the 70s, they contacted George Adamson and asked him to help. George took Christian for them, paired him up with another lion (Boy, I think it was) and managed to get Christian back into the wild and living independently, although still near George's camp. The film snippet was taken when they two blokes went back for a visit to see how Christian was getting on. You can see the lion's face - he approaches warily, then his mouth opens as he recognises them and begins to run to them. He jumps up on them and from there, it's like this video of the woman and her lion, but without the bars.

    I remember reading the book, then later seeing the film. Absolutely wonderful.

    I just did a quick search - here is a really good reference, with the video clip (although it might be shorter than the clip we got sent).

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    Great to see some pure animal joy!...... Thanks for sharing.
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    Oh, Loth...thank you for posting the actual video.

    That is about the sweetest thing I ever saw!

    I want one ;)
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    Marg, that was so cute too!! I just love a good, happy, lion story!!!

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    Oh my gosh! Incredible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Furpeople - What amazing, remarkable, forgiving creatures.