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    Tell me what to do.

    You know about the kidney infections and that last time the urine was clean, but they treated me for one anyway because I had all the symptoms. And after 2 days on the antibiotics I started to feel better.

    It's starting again. Intense nausea, flank pain, my belly is distended (has been for a few days) and my doctor isn't in until Monday.

    I'm not sure if it's kidney or if it could be something else. But, I'm very tired of feeling so sick. And I trust your opinion.

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    Go to the ER. Refuse to leave until they give you a complete exam looking for a tissue blockage or a stone. Make sure they get a BUN and a creatinine on you. Make sure you tell them that you feel that "soft ball" under your ribs but have no symptoms of gall bladder. If necessary fib about having had a tissue blockage in the past......a good fib to make them stop thinking "infection" and start paying attention to your symptoms. Make sure to point out the destention and the other symptoms you're having. If you're afraid you won't remember them all when you get there have easy child's girlfriend go along to help keep track and make sure you tell them everything. It's easy when your mind is foggy and you're feeling that way to have their questions overwhelm you and make you forget something important.

    Something is wrong and they need to find out what it is instead of simply dismissing it as an infection. Infections don't make you destended usually unless they are pretty severe and are interfering with function........and in that case it surely should not take a culture to find it unless your kidney with the infection is blocked.

    Get thee to the ER, but make certain you don't go alone. Then PM me here or on fb and let me know what they do/say. Cuz you know I'll be worried.