List of school-related acronyms?


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I have been reading this board this morning, and I think I've gotten some of the acronyms straightened out (like, I think SD stands for School District and not Step-Daughter!). Others (OHI? ARD? SED?) are still a mystery, and I can't find a place where they are all listed for easy reference. The general FAQ has a good listing of abbreviations that includes relationships and disorders, but does not include any of the school-related ones.


These used to be in an article I wrote for the education section of the board. However, I checked, it's not there and probably was lost in some change-over to new servers--there have been two major changes.

You are correct SD=school district
A lot of others are categories of eligibility under IDEA (Individuals with Disabilities Act--main federal Special Education legislation)
OHI=Other Health Impaired
SED=Seriously Emotionally Disturbed
ARD=A Texas special acronym that is referred to as a Multidisciplinary Staff conference (MDC) or Multidisciplinary Study Team (MDST) in the rest of the country
Learning Disability (LD)= Learning Disabilities
ADHD=Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
BiPolar (BP)=Bipolar
Borderline (BPD)=Borderline Personality Disorder
Sensory Integration Disorder (SID)=Sensory Integration Disorder
Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)=Traumatic Brain Injury
IEP=Individual Education Plan
IEP meeting=the only place an IEP can be written or changed. Parents are full participating members of their child's IEP team whose minimum membership is written into law.
IFSP=Individual Family Service Plan (for children under 3)
SpEd=Special Education (delivered under IDEA)
CSE=Case Study Evaluation (done by SD to determine eligibility for SpEd or Section 504 plan)
IEE or IE=Independent (Educational) Evaluation. An evaluation done by outside experts if the parent disagrees with the SD's evaluation.

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One of the parents on Easy Child just told me that the latest is that they are starting to use sensory processing disorder (SPD) instead of Sensory Integration Disorder (SID), as in Sensory Processing Disorder.


I pulled some updated urls the other day and saw where there are some trying to go with-Sensory Processing Disorder rather than Sensory Integration Disorder. It can be confusing.