Lithium, IEP & Neurpsych Update


Finally back from 9 days in heaven (that would be a 9 day business trip to Vegas). Although my husband would not call it that since he was with handling difficult child alone. difficult child had transitioned back into preschool just before I left. He made it most of the time that I was gone. Yeah! Upon my arrival home at 8:30 pm last Friday, difficult child lasted about 27 minutes before he started in with me. He proceeded to get on the counter to access the cabinets looking for something to eat. I told him no, that it was time for bed and he had had plenty to eat earlier. This prompted an attempt to bite me. When that failed he tried bending my fingers backwards. When that failed he reached for a knife in the butcher block.

Needless to say an e-mail and conversation with the psychiatrist and the psychiatrists's consultation with 2 other psychiatrists concluded that Lithium is not working. Ther had been no improvement at all. We switched to Depakote on Sunday. So we'll trial that. UGH! Now he has a rash and I think it is from Depakote. We see the psychiatrist tonight so we'll check that out.

Monday was my "informal" PPT meeting with elementary school. Some may remember that difficult child was found not in need of services because he was good during the whopping 40 minutes they watched him. Since that time we have kept up with informal meetings with the school. I met with the principal, Special Education teacher, kindergarten teacher, Occupational Therapist (OT) and the social worker. I told them point blank that nothing has changed with-difficult child and that I was persuing neuropsychologist testing and that if I introduced them to difficult child that morning whey would be writing an IEP right then and there. They have agreed to do it! We have a formal in August to get it together before school begins. They have also offered to place him on a sensory diet 2 times a day and given other offers in other areas. I was pleased to see for now that they are willing to work with us.

Started neurpsych testing Tue. Waiting to hear on intial findings and see what is recommended for testing in the next round.

difficult child graduated preschool yesterday. YEAH!


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Hey there,

Sorry to hear that the lithium did not help. If only there was a machine to put these kids through that would spit out the medicine cocktail that would help them.

Glad to hear that the school is being cooperative. That is a huge plus.

Good luck on depakote. I have lost track as to how many drugs my son has tried but never depakote, atleast not yet.

Take it easy


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Congratulations to the little graduate! I hope the depakote makes an improvement and the testing & IEP goes well. :smile: