Little stinker threw a 16 year old temper tantrum


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I am fuming right now. Its 1:15 am and my son just slipped back into the house after storming out 5 hours ago. He was making something with clay and it broke which set him into a rage. He started yelling at his siblings, calling them names, blaming them. He broke a bedroom door (literally shattered the door frame) and then took the car which he has not been allowed to drive at all lately. I should have thrown the keys away because clearly just being told you are not allowed to drive does not work anymore. I have been sick with worry and dad has been driving all over town looking for him, calling family members, etc. I was just about to call the police when he creeps up from the basement. He was high as a kite and just told me to chill out and he was going to bed. Eyes all bloodshot. I am so furious with him. This is after we just spent the morning talking with his school to help alleviate some of his stress. Allowed him a day of respite to alleviate some of his anxiety. This is the thanks we get. I have got to stop getting sucked into his manipulation and stop knocking myself out to help when he just turns around and in minutes turns out lives upside down. Dad just disabled the car so no matter what he tries, he won't be able to get it to run. I can't believe this is what we have to resort to. JUST SO TIRED OF THIS!

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I'm sorry, U&D. I hope you were able to get some sleep after all that drama, but I doubt that you were. Dad disabling the car is brilliant. I'm glad that son did not have an accident when driving in a rage. A big, squeezy hug for you this morning.


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So sorry you had to go through this! I think you may want to hold on tight; you may be in for a bit of a ride with him!