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    As I posted before, my mother will not live much longer. They have moved her to the nursing home. She is on lots of medications so I really don't know how good or bad she is but it may be only a matter of days and, at most, of a couple of weeks.

    Thanks to difficult child 2 I have lots of bills I need to pay off. I plan to move asap (within 5 years) so I need a job to get everything paid off and have a little to go on. I get teachers retirement and social security so I would have plenty of money for my needs if the kid would just leave me alone! Also, there will be my mother's final expenses to pay. We are going to try to do it as frugally as possible but it will still be several thousand dollars.

    So I am going to work. The job I would really like to have is delivery driver for the hog semen farm here in town. They are a nationwide company and the drivers go in tandem. They make runs to Iowa and Okalahoma and Colorado, etc. to meet other drivers who then take the "product" on the next leg. They have new vehicles, a nice employment package, you never work more than every other day, and you don't have to put up with a lot of stupid people. Sounds perfect but they're not always hiring. Think I'll put my name in and see what happens.
    In the meantime, the sheriff's office is looking for a dispatcher. Here, that is a fairly quiet job with lots of down time; I've been told I could bring my books and read on the job so that sounds good. The down side of that is that you have to work weekends and holidays.
    The third one I could apply for is at a large manufacturer a few miles from here. They have all kinds of jobs; I'm not a welder or an electrician but they have other jobs I could do. They pay well and have a good benefit package also.
    I'm sure I could go to work almost immediately at the workshop for the developmentally disabled but I really don't think I want to work there. I taught school for almost 35 years and I'm ready for something different.
    Hopefully I'll find something soon as I need to be making some money.
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    All those sound like good opportunities. I plan to teach 5 more years---2 under contract and 3 in the TERI program---I can bank my retirement and draw interest while still drawing salary. Then I plan to do something else myself. I can't imagine not working. I do much better if I can stay busy and I don't see being able to do that in full retirement.