Looking for a place for my son Waco tx

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Does anyone know anyone in Waco TX area that is look for a temporary roommate my son is sleeping outside right now. He can work for boarding until he gets a job please let me know


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I'm sorry My Life, I don't know of any answer for this.

How are you? I know this is very hard to hear, that he is sleeping outside.

Please share with us how you are.

My Life

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I'm sorry My Life, I don't know of any answer for this.

How are you? I know this is very hard to hear, that he is sleeping outside.

Please share with us how you are.
I'm not sleeping we have been hit with all this rain and flooding. I'm praying to God for a breakthrough for him it's starting to get cold

My Life

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At work I sit at my desk and cry because if I do at home Hubby and I may have disagreement it's like he has switch and it doesn't bother him he gets in bed and falls asleep and I'm up unable to sleep wondering if my so is safe or cold as I type now my eyes water up

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My Life,
I am so sorry for your troubles and these intense feelings of loneliness. This is a most difficult place to be in, for mothers and also fathers.

At work I sit at my desk and cry because if I do at home Hubby and I may have disagreement it's like he has switch and it doesn't bother him he gets in bed and falls asleep and I'm up unable to sleep wondering if my so is safe or cold as I type now my eyes water up

My hubs does not like to talk about our dilemma with our two. I think it is very painful for him.
Men and women process pain differently.

I, too stay up in the late hours, thinking about my daughters, and also my grandchildren.

We have been through a lot, and have tried desperately to help them. Each time, it seemed as if they were getting better, then the bottom dropped out, and we ended up at square one all over again.

There is not much to go on from your signature, if you added a bit of information, folks here would be able to know your situation a little more, and be able to direct their comments and experiences more helpfully towards your story.

I know the feeling when our adult children are on the streets. It hurts.
That hurt and worry intensifies when the weather is bad, or we see something on the news, or we are having a bad day.

The Serenity prayer is very helpful in times when it feels like we are at the end of our rope,
with concerns for our D C's.


The choices they make, lead to difficult times for them.
We suffer knowing that they suffer, as adults, that is the consequence of the road they travel.
We are their parents, but we do not have to go down that road and suffer with them.

There are services and folks out there to help our adult children.
It is up to them to want help.

I hope that you will find some comfort, My Life. It is hard to see our adult children slip and stumble.
We cannot rescue them forever, it does not help them to see their mistakes and make necessary changes.

We will not be here forever to pick up the pieces, they must learn to fend for themselves.
Such is life.

I pray that your son will find shelter, and find his way.

Perhaps the rain and cold, will help him to see that he needs more in life. More for his life.

In the meantime, please take care of yourself.

You have value and worth, and deserve to live your life in peace.

You are not alone. I have felt the same as you.

There are many others here, who have felt this way, too.

Please continue to post. It really, really helps.



one day at a time
My life, just wanted to share a few thoughts about our adult children being homeless.

My son was homeless five different times for long periods of time before he decided to start changing his life. The first time was horrendous for me but I had to let go and let it happen.

First, there are many many services for homeless people in communities of all sizes. I live in a town of 125,000 that is 25 miles from a major city. There are meals, showers, computers to use, health care vouchers, a washer and dryer to wash clothes, clothes closets, food pantries, bus passes, job assistance, tax assistance, social workers and temporary shelter. At the shelters people are drug tested every time they go in and out, even to smoke a cigarette, and that is one reason people don't like shelters and would rather stay on the street. You can't use drugs and alcohol and stay there.

There are even more services as the weather gets colder.

If you can, get online and learn about the services in Waco because that will help you calm down.

I used to give my son computer printouts of lists of services...six or seven pages. It made me feel better to have done that. I would imagine that he was secretly laughing at me when I did that because I think he was well aware of what was available already. People on the street talk to each other and there is a community.

People can survive just fine on the street. I know that sounds strange because you and I can't imagine it but it is true. Yes it may be wet and cold at times and of course it is very hard but you know what? When people want to change all they have to do is say so and there are many people to help them, including us.

Rain and cold does not kill people at this time of year. My son was on the street during multiple winters. Again it was very hard on me, but frankly, I was more upset than he was. When that is the case, there is a big problem---they have to take ownership of their lives. We cannot do it for them.

Gently, kindly I say this...can you get some more support for yourself so you can start detaching from him and what he does or does not do? For me, this work---and it is work---daily work---took many many Alanon meetings, getting a sponsor in Alanon, working one on one with her, reading books like codependent no more, journaling and many other new daily practices that I was finally willing to put in place so I could get out of my sons way and let him face the consequences of his own choices.

I had a lot of work to do on me which was and is a full time job.

Please give this some careful thought. We so understand your fear and your pain here. We have, most of us, walked the same path and it is a long and hard one.

Please keep sharing. There is a way to peace regardless of what your precious son does or does not do.

warm hugs.


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I'm sorry for your hurting heart. Here is a list of help for the Waco area. There seems to be quite a few options.http://www.shelterlistings.org/city/waco-tx.html I don't know your son and I don't know your situation and that matters a lot! I have a daughter who in her younger years used to take off and I would be worried sick about her! Guess what? She was not in the least distressed about her situation. Instead, it seemed to be an adventure for her. She was never completely without anything. She couch surfed and ate with the people she stayed with. Again, not knowing your situation, I believe this is probably what your son is doing. My daughter was a minor, but I also know she did it as an adult too. In her case and many others, this way of living is an adventure! Go figure! They have the freedom they so desperately desire without any of the responsibility that we as parents or society expect at their ages.

There is only so much we can do for our children and I think that is important for parents to realize. We hurt ourselves with worry and concern for something we did not teach our children and certainly never expected them to carry out that life style. We beg, cry, lose sleep, search out alternatives for our wayward kids, and beat ourselves up over something we have no control over. BE KIND TO YOURSELF!

There are services! I live south of Waco and north of Austin in the Williamson County area. It's known as a very conservative area. When ended up in the court system with our daughter and honestly I don't think we or SHE were handled fairly. In the end everything worked out for the best. A few weeks ago, I was able to speak to our local family court judge in an informal meeting regarding something else. I asked if changes had been made for our wayward youth especially the difficult children with mental health issues..... I explained our situation her words back to me were that we experienced a horror story. And we did. She said that things have very much changed and instead of being punitive, they are supportive and have programs in place now to help families. Even though we won't be needing those services, I am so very happy for the families that will! Our world is becoming more enlightened regarding our youth and the issues that face them and their families.

Many healing thoughts coming your way!