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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by KitKat, Feb 16, 2008.

  1. KitKat

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    Does anyone out there have anything good, or bad to say about Adderall? We've got my stepson on Concerta but the doctor is suggesting Adderall in lieu because of the moodiness (!) and beyond

    My difficult child's history:
    - ADHD
    - ODD and now Conduct Disorder

    Blended family, BM not too stable, no cohesive structure between families
    Scored low on WISC but not sure if it was because of IQ or simply failure to comply with test (the specialists documented this - they have no idea!)

    Behaviour - Violent with peers, very jealous of others' accomplishments, vindictive, physically aggressive with peers, usually swings with kids at least three years younger than himself. I would say that he is operating (socially) at the level of about an eight year old. He will be sixteen in March.

    His anger (very deep) is extremely concentrated (possibly because of the Ritalin).
  2. smallworld

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    Unfortunately, choosing which stimulant for ADHD works best for each individual is a trial and error process. My son, for example, did better on the methylphenidate-based medications (Focalin, Concerta) than he did on Adderall. But your difficult child could be exactly the opposite. You will only know if you try.

    Having said that, it sounds as if you may be dealing with something other than ADHD. Is there any way you could take him off Concerta and get a baseline read on behavior before jumping to the next medication? That way you could really see what symptoms need medicating. If the anger and violence remain, I'm guessing it goes beyond ADHD. If the anger and violence disappear but inattention, hyperactivity and impulsivity are the core symptoms, then it might be ADHD.

    Has the BM, who you say is not too stable, been diagnosed with any disorders?
  3. SomewhereOutThere

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    He's giving your stepson Adderrall for MOODSWINGS??? Wow. Adderrall made my child HAVE moodswings. For us it was terrible.
  4. SaraT

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    Same for my difficult child. Adderall made mood swings worse. As did all ADHD stimulant medications. The adderall also gave difficult child severe joint pain and she constantly cracked wrists and ankles. Even having been off it for 2 years, she still constantly cracks, but never did before adderall.

    I was given the impression that the reaction my difficult child had to it is rare, so maybe it was just bad luck.

    You have to try and see which works best for your difficult child, but if mood swings continue or get worse, I would suspect something other the ADHD as well.
  5. happymomof2

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    Aderall was horrible for my son. Once he got on it he had to then start taking something to help him sleep at night.

    doctor switched him to Concerta and it was much better.

    He is only on a natural medication now but in my opinion... the concerta worked best.