Looking for good therapeutic boarding school in Midwest


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Hi there,

My 17 year old nephew was diagnosis as bipolar this year (he was cutting). He was hospitalized for several weeks and continues to see a therapist twice a month. His mother (my sister) is struggling to get him to go to school again this year. She just discovered that he did not go to school again today. She's really at her wit's end and is looking for a therapeutic boarding school option for him. She/we really feel that it's the only choice that's left for her difficult child.
Can anyone recommmend a good school in the midwest?

Thank you !


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Thanks so much Sheila.

I read the book "Come Back" by Claire & Mia Fontaine...about a teenage honor students who runs away & becomes a drug addict (AWESOME book, by the way). She went to XXXX and it sounded great in the book...anyone have any experience with XXXX???????




We don't name facilities, but members can PM you with specific recommendations or comments if you have that feature enabled.


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Ah, Gotcha.

Yes, I have PM enabled.

My sister talked to one of the helpmyteen counselors a few minutes ago. She was SUPER helpful! I think she's on the right track and will end up at a school in Utah.