Lost My Cool Today


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And in all honestly, I'm not even sorry about it.

My in-laws, who live around the corner, are away for the next two weeks, and they paid Difficult Child to shovel their driveway and walkway so that it looks like someone is home. We told him that it had to be done this today, and he asked if he could do it after lunch. Fine. I told Husband he had to take him down there. Child eats lunch and says he's ready to go. Husband gets up and goes out to clean the car off, which annoys Child because he doesn't want his father to clean the car off. He wants to go NOW!!!!! So he comes back in the house and starts screaming at me, saying his father is yelling at him. I go outside to see what's going on and Child follows me (I HATE when he follows me. He does it all the time, and knows that is aggravate me, but says he doesn't care), so I turn around at him and blurt out, "Don't follow me!! No one wants you around right now!"

Not one of my better mom moments. I did apologize, but I'm really not sorry. It wasn't a nice thing to say, but part of me thinks that now he knows what it's like when he screams that he hates us, or curses at us, Occupational Therapist (OT) tells Easy Child that he's is the reason Difficult Child hates his life.

What I do feel badly about is that he had a meltdown, because that just ruins everyone's day. Easy Child get frightened and starts to cry. Husband just gets mad, and there I am, trying to hold all of the pieces together.

He waLiked out in a huff after I said it, and part of me was hoping that he just wouldn't come back, but I'm not that lucky.


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been there done that. The Mom usually gets caught in the middle. It isn't possible to solve all the issues all of the time, but it really hurts when things fall apart. And I have a hubby who at least partly gets it, and does try with impossible kid.



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It happens to all of us. I just hung up on 18 when he called me to complain that H and I had not schlepped over the food and supplies for the scout dinner the boys had planned for tonight. Mind you, this is a Venture Crew, not a regular scout troop, and most of the boys drive, including 18. The youngest member is 15. When he dropped an f-bomb on me, I told him I didn't have to be spoken to that way and hung up on him. He is basically a good kid, except for how he treats baby boy, but this peeved me. He and 3 other boys arrived here 5 minutes later to get the supplies.

Did your in-laws pay difficult child in advance? If they did, next time they should pay you and you should mete it out as he earns it.


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I used to lose it once in a while as well. There is only so much one person can take before they snap! Especially when you tell to stop doing something things over and over and they continue to do them. If he hadn't followed you, you probably would not have lost it. I can't say I blame you.