Lovely graffitti! NOT

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Tiapet, May 8, 2012.

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    I go out to car to take the difficult children to school this morning, they aren't out to it yet, thank goodness. I see green writing on the windows. On drivers side "I love p*nis in my mom", on the 2 wing mirrors little smiley faces, a big p*nis drawing right in front of the drivers way in the windshield, and more writing on the passenger windows to do with the same theme! I'm thankful that it apparently rained and the windows were wet so I took out a microfiber cloth I keep in trunk and wipe it down immediately.

    I was pretty ******. At first I thought it was my youngest difficult child being nasty, thinking he was funny since some of his inappropriate language uses that word but then I realized he was in bed last night all night and I never heard the house alarm beep for the doors being opened.

    Of course I ranted to him and the middle difficult child all the way to school about how he needs to stop using such language/words because now whoever he has used it on or with on the bus has come back to bite us/me and this is what happened! He swears he didn't use it on bus but I know better as his sister complains all the time about it to me. It was truly a lovely ride to school.

    On my way home, however, I noticed that there was additional graffitti with this same green paint tagged on the stop sign down the block from our house (didn't catch what it was, though didn't look like anything that made sense with a quick glance). So perhaps it was trouble makers out last night that just decided to also target out house and since my difficult child is not well liked (and generally also bullied on a daily basis, both of them), this is a reason. We've had our house and cars egged before too.

    Just peeves me to have something so vulgar on car and first thing in morning! Ah well, I'm thankful that I could take it off easy enough and that difficult child's didn't actually see it.
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    What a great way to start the day. blech

    Mine started with Mr Rowdy telling me there was a male cat chasing and trying to mate with Midnight. I chased the male off when I went out to see what the fuss was because Rowdy rarely barks.....and when he barks urgently he means Mom come LOOK! Of course male cat will come right back. D@mn. Wish that van that does spaying would get here sooner than the end of the month. Although at their prices I don't think it's the discounted one, I'm still looking, I know it exists.
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    Stupid jerks. easy child's old boyfriend drew a giant penis on the road in front of my neighbor's house one Halloween. I was so annoyed that when he called easy child for a date the next day, I told him to report to me at 8 pm dressed all in black. I made them go down that road after dark with a can of black spray paint and paint over the penis. He really was completely shamed by me by the time I finished my lecture...I mean really?? Nineteen years old and drawing penises on the road in your potential girlfriend's neighborhood? What a dufus.
  4. Star*

    Star* call 911

    Taginator is another one - that you can order by mail

    I used to sell this stuff - when I sold playground equipment - a popular target for punks and gangs. (go figure - you're so tough----you spray paint kids slides. ) -----and I shudder.......yeah right.

    I'm sorry TIA.....

    You can call Landscape Structures Inc. in MN......and that's what I used to sell - I KNOW that stuff works. I can't vouch for the WM Krud Kutter but it looks to be the same composition.
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    So to update this, the stop signs, one a block away and another at bus stop, were tagged with penis'. A bunch of them drawn front and back on both signs. Then another block away from house in another direction just the word Ha! In the rest of the development, which basically forms a circular form sort of, none of the other signs were touched, including the alternate entrance. We've got a good idea who it might be in thinking through it all. Given the time of night it was done it had to be high schoolers (oldest walked the dog pretty late and nothing was done by then) and the fact that 2 of the signs are pretty high up). I'm not going to clean up the signs because the neighbors around here would assume that difficult child did it then since they already don't think so highly of him (at least some of them). They will assume guilt.

    I believe it's this one teen age girl and her cohorts who have been nothing but trouble from the get go. She has been extremely mouthy and disrespectful to me and tried to get middle difficult child wrapped up in her ****. For a while my middle difficult child did play into it and was getting in trouble with her until I stopped it and pulled the reins tight and won't allow difficult child with her anymore. Only contact is on bus. I know this girl's father doesn't seem to give any care to where or what she does. She and her older brother live with him only and he never seems to be home. The brother smokes pot. Other then her and her "friends", there isn't really any others in the neighborhood that I can see doing this or that are out wandering and since this is confined to just this certain area (which happens to be the radius of her house), it just makes sense.
  6. Star*

    Star* call 911

    Well......if she's into art maybe someone should send her some drawing paper and crayons?

    And a note that says - please limit your penile art to the paper - younger children don't appreciate your tagging and neither do we.
    Just sayin'.
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    It's vandalism and it's illegal. I hope you reported it to the police? When this type of thing would happen at home, even the news stations got involved. These kids love to brag, and there was always someone who couldn't wait to tattle what they heard.