husband has started lurking. He hasn't found his way into watercooler yet. I am wondering if those that have SO have had luck with them as lurkers.



And hi honey if you see this.


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It works brilliantly for us (hi, honey). Mind you, I've got to watch what I call him on t his site, I can't rant about how much he cheeses me off when he leaves his socks everywhere... just kidding, he's good with his socks.

Seriously, Beth - it means that when I post something, I've distilled my thoughts and ideas on a topic into a few sentences and he then reads it - and we discuss it further when he comes home. Sometimes he agrees with me, sometimes he feels I could have said things differently. And sometimes he says, "I thought of something today I think the CD people would love."

Sometimes he posts using my ID (I'm OK with this) and introduces himself as "Marg's Man".

It has brought us even closer together - and we thought we were already as close as any couple could get. It has also helped A LOT to keep us both on the same page.

And a warning, Beth - husband tracks me by looking for "my posts" and tracking me right across the site that way. If your husband is at all computer-savvy, it won't take him long to find this out. So that long, last rant you had about his mother wearing army boots - just kidding again.



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Welcome to Beth's husband! We hope you can relax here and get some support!

Beth, not to worry. Either husband will like it or hate it. LOL!!


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hey there, lurking is good but if you have any helpful opinions from the male perspective....bring it on. we need all the advice we can get here.


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I leave CD up on my computer all day, so when husband is home, he pulls it up and reads stuff too. I'll keep ranting about him as needed on here's nothing I don't say to his face too. We're close like that LOL :crazy:



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Hi to Mr. CatintheHat!! It is very often wonderful to have a guy's perspective on things. You guys think very differently than us gals, so I look forward to hearing from you.

My husband has browsed here occasionally. I would love for him to read/write on the forum, but he is really busy on computers all day. At night he just wants to play computer games! LOLOL




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If you are Mrs Cat in the Hat.....and he's the MAN of the house, wouldn't that make him PussNBoots?

Well that's what you get for come out MAN and defend yourself. (insert swashbuckling pirate laugh)