Manifestation meeting yesterday


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Well we finally had our first manifestation determination meeting yesterday. We walked in feeling very prepared and organized and walked out feeling the same way!

Because difficult child's active IEP still says S/L impaired and his suspension was for hitting another student, they wouldn't conceed that it was a manifestation to THAT disability but because we have made steps to change the IEP to ADHD/ODD as the primary, they did agree that it was manifestation of THAT disability. We both made notes on the form and signed it. Whew.

Next, much to my surprise, they agreed to do the whole battery of tests that our advocate had recommended we ask for them to do. I was shocked. They are sending him out to a psychologist, a psychiatrist, and an Occupational Therapist (OT)! The other testing will be done in the school - some over the summer since they "really" want everything in place when school starts. Since this is a charter school they don't have the same kind of working during the summer problems that public schools often have because of union contracts (they made a comment about unions and that's why they don't work in public schools but had to back down quickly when I told them my job is working with building trade unions and that I am a UAW member myself!!). But in any case, it works to our advantage.

The last topic was the hardest. difficult child has been suspended for 17 days plus sent home or kept in the office another 5-7 times depending on whose records you look at. I asked for at LEAST 7 days of "education" for the days he's been suspended. They told me they'd send the work home for him to do over the summer. I said no, that's not FAPE. They asked what I wanted, I told them either 2.5 hours of private tutoring for each day or enrollment in a summer school program. They agreed to get back to me by Friday but she called me today with an offer of "all the work he missed and access via phone to one of his teachers for questions". I laughed and explained again that I am not a certified teacher and "homework" is not the intent of FAPE. I again asked for private tutoring or enrollment in a summer school program. She is supposed to call me back tomorrow.

So overall I consider the meeting a success - mostly just because I felt like we did a good job advocating for our son because we were PREPARED and they really knew that WE knew what we were talking about!!

My many thanks to ALL in this group who helped get us to this point with your advice and support!



<div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Quote:</div><div class="ubbcode-body">So overall I consider the meeting a success </div></div>

You bet!

So glad it worked out so well! :warrior:


I LOVE the part when you say, "No, that's not FAPE."

You rock!! :warrior:

Congratulations :smile:

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