Manster Coming Home Early

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by ML, Jul 22, 2011.

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    He called me today emotionally exhuasted and homesick and pleaded with me to help his dad pay for a one way ticket for him to come home. The original plan was for him to travel with his dad, uncle and gramma tomorrow, stay the night in Utah and be home Sunday. I decided that it was too much for both him and for them. Mom said he talked nonstop on the way out lol. So we're headed out the airport shortly to pick up one homesick difficult child. He's been gone since last Friday night; that's a long time. He held it together until the last day. Interestingly he has no anxiety about flying alone.

    On another note, you may have heard me talk about my bff and her kids that are manster's friends. She has 4 adopted kids, three of them still living at home and close in age to manster. They've been a true godsend to us because the two boys have embraced him and treated him like a brother. Sadly, last night J, 14, was taken to the p-hospital for attacking his dad. They believe he has bipolar. They had suspected BiPolar (BP) when he was younger and then decided it was all part of the Reactive Attachment Disorder (RAD). But now they're saying either BiPolar (BP) or Borderline as well. J was able to give the hospital a couple of phone numbers he was allowed to call of supportive friends. He chose husband and manster as his two contacts.

    Hope everyone has a good weekend.
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    Manster did pretty well, in my humble opinion. And he's smart enough to know he's at his limit.

    As for your bff's dear difficult child: I'll be keeping him and the family in my thoughts and prayers. I hope her husband is okay too.
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    Thanks, TM. Sadly she and her just divorced a year ago. That has been very difficult for the family.
    Manster is back and in great spirits. So happy to be home.
    I appreciate your good thoughts. xo