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I have not been at the library in awhile, so I have been reading, but could not post.
I just wanted to say I hope your child is doing well post surgery.
My son does not clear anesthesia well. It was bad when he was anesthesized (sp) for an MRI several years ago- he did not rouse for 4 days. After his eye surgeries, which were 9 hours each it took a week for him to rouse and body function and cognitive ability to was quite scary. And complicated by politics between docs. The surgeon was an eye surgeon and the surgery was supposedly a day surgery or ambulatory surgery procedure that normally takes 2 hours, not 9....and the eye surgeon set the post surgical check for his office and refused to come to the hospital.....and the hospital doctor was quite angry and called surgeon saying my son was not stable to leave...and it was even more complicated becuz our surgeon does not usually do peds.and the hospital was a major university teaching hospital and they put him into the childrens hospital building but our surgeon had never had a patient in the childrens hospital (becuz most typically his patients were geriatrics)
SO- there me and my poor lil guy were caught between the feuding docs........and me in an unfamilair neighborhood, a "bad" part of CHicago- and all alone, and also worried about husband and my girls at home alone.


I hope never to get caught in a mess like THAT again!
Trying to physically get my lil guy to the eye surgeon for followup care.and so scared to peices.

ANyway, I hope you guys are doing OK and recovery is coming along nicely.


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Thanks for the wishes. I'm leaving soon to go and visit, I'll pass it on to her. Technically this hospital is also in a risky part of Sydney, just down from Kings Cross and with a lot more junkies than usual. This hospital has the worst problem in Sydney with ice addicts freaking out in Emergency.
She's in the private wing (we had to go private to get the job done in the forseeable future).

I've just posted on the Good Morning Thursday about her. She's not as bad as your son with anaesthetic, but she's taking her time, well and truly. This was also potentially Day Surgery, but she's heading for her second night in hospital.

I've got to go, I'm leaving soon and I still have to drop off difficult child 3 at mother in law's.