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School starts at 8:30. 8:32 Special Education teacher is on the phone and said, Please tell Alex he needs to come to school with supplies, and bring supplies to class. She put him on the phone, and he just went off on me yelling that he didn't do it before and he isn't doing it now.

I reminded him that he is in 7th grade and the rules have not changed. I told him he had pencils on the top of his locker (I cleaned it out two weeks ago). He started screaming at me "BOO HOO, I don't bring paper or pencils to class. the world is going to end. I don't feel like taking anything to class and I am not doing anything today. You guys are retarted!"

I hung up, because here I am at work, in tears as he is yelling at me. I called husband, left him a message and told him to call school on his break.

School psychiatric. testing begins today
School said they will not babysit him. I have paper, pencils, notebooks, folders. He won't take them. I can bring them, but then they just get thrown about in his locker and all crumpled up. He wouldn't take them to class anyway.

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don't know how to do that. it is from a post in General Forum.

"something is feeding your Alex's behavior. Anxiety, depression, it's anyone's guess at this point. The point is that the SCHOOL needs to deal with it, NOT you and Dad. I wouldn't worry about his being in 7th grade and not taking responsibility for his supplies. This is a side issue. The kid needs to be in class. If he goes to class and doesn't do the work, the SCHOOL needs to figure out a way to reach him. THIS IS NOT YOUR RESPONSIBILITY. The school is using you and husband to solve a problem that squarely sits on their shoulders. You might want to post on Special Education 101 and see what Martie and Sheila think."

I am taking this advice. Since IEP is next week can I repeat any of this to them. i tried once to tell them he needs to stay in class, they need to find a way to keep him there rather than a little isolated room alone. They just laughed at me. And asked me what I would suggest. That is when i suggested FBA and psychology testing.


in my opinion these people are not professional and do not know what to do with difficult child. High on the list of unprofessional things to do is laugh at an over-stressed parent.

If difficult child has no supplies, and it is yur responsibility to provide them (as it usually is), then I would provide them to the sp ed teacher ONCE. Then it is the school's responsiblity to work it out among themselves and with difficult child.

Long ago, I taught in a high school and this was a chronic problem with MANY of my students. I worked all year to get them to remember their "stuff." I never called a parent: I figured it was MY JOB to teach--whether reading, math, social skills, or organizational skills SUCH AS "bring your stuff to class."

I did have neurologically impaired kids for whom I kept their supplies all their years in h.s. This should not be the biggest issue going on right now for your difficult child.

I'm sorry you are going through this.

Martie :warrior: