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    Hey, had to share some canning news...

    I believe you were doing the majority of your canning for family consumption as opposed to me, who was doing it for Christmas gifts.

    All of the recipes I used are from the Bell Blue Book or the Bell website I gave you a couple weeks ago -

    The last 9 days have been a canning frenzy at my house (after my initial few batches of jam two weeks ago) with:

    Triple Berry Jam (low sugar) Preserves - raspberries, blueberries, and blackberries (you won't find that recipe, I just adapted it from the single jam recipe ) - delish (put a tablespoon or so in my oatmeal this morning)!

    Cranberry Mustard - not my fav. I love cranberries, but this recipe is a tad tart.

    Jalapeno Jelly (with the addition of two serrano peppers for extra heat). This is fabulous! I will be giving a jar of this, along with a little loaf of beer bread to all of difficult child's teachers. I remember how thrilled easy child said her high school teachers were when she brought them Christmas gifts - she said the high school teachers usually didn't get gifts like the teacher of younger kids.

    Zesty Peach BBQ Sauce - another fabulous recipe. You may not be able to get some really good peaches anymore. I happen to get the last of our sweet Virginia peaches a week and a half ago. This one is a winner!

    Strawberry Topping - I found a great deal on sweet strawberries Monday so I picked up two quarts and made this for folks to put on ice-cream or poundcake.

    And, my absolute favorite.......Ginger Pear Preserves. It is sooooooo good. The most time consuming is peeling and finely chopping the pears but the recipe is simple, the zest and juice of three limes, 1 T of freshly grated ginger, and sugar (no pectin - you just cook until the fruit releases its natural pectin). I used the Bosc pears since they are better for cooking anyway. Pears are in season until December so you would have some time. This is a really nice gourmet-tasting preserve.

    So that's the update. So far I have the Spicy Thai Dipping Sauce, Sugar Free Peach/raspberry jam, Sugar free blueberry jam, low sugar blueberry jam, and the stuff I listed above. I have only two more batches to do and I'm done all the gift giving. Another batch of the jalepeno jelly and a red onion relish that sounds really great. Whew....

    Now I'll take a break until next summer!

    What have you been canning lately?

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    I have a great recipe for sweet jalapeno relish, although it uses a lot of sugar, and I think that is what you guys are trying to get away from.

    About the only thing I got canned this season was tomatoes.

    Pear preserves are second only to blackberry jam for me!

    I'm so excited that you are doing this. It always feels like a lost art to me now. I have some of the best memories canning with my grandma. I just LOVE how pretty all of it looks in the jars!
  3. gcvmom

    gcvmom Here we go again!

    Okay, now you've both got my mouth watering!!! Can I be on that Christmas list? :tongue:
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    Your list sounds amazing, too bad we weren't near enough to swap and have double the stuff HAHA!

    I've done dill pickles, corn relish, sugar free jams (Blueberry, strawberry, peach and strawberry/rhubarb), apple/cinnamon butter (Sugar free), blueberry syrup (sugar free), tomatoes, pizza sauce, tomato salsa, tomato and 4 pepper salsa.

    Tomorrow easy child and I are spending the day making sugar free apple pie fillings for thanksgiving and christmas, plus for gifts. We will also be making sugar free apple sauce, one regular and one cranberry/apple.

    I'm doing sugar free pumpkin pie fillings and making enough for the upcoming holidays and for gifts for family members who are diabetic. Hoping to do that Monday.

    Later in the week I'm told I'm making marinara sauce and pickled onions ... the men of the house demanded both lol.

    I'm really psyched for doing the pumpkin pie filling. I'm going to also do some pumpkin just to add in for muffins throughout the winter.

    Anybody have an idea for a really unique recipe that would make a nice Christmas gift? Looking for something out of the ordinary or just really hard to find or something.
  5. LittleDudesMom

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    That ginger pear recipe is kinda out of the ordinary (and really good!)

    Put me on the list for the pumpkin - it's always been my favorite!!!!!!!