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Discussion in 'Substance Abuse' started by lovemysons, Feb 26, 2014.

  1. lovemysons

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    difficult child called me today and told me he is out of the hospital.

    The State psychiatric hospital has dxd him with Bipolar Disorder...PTL!
    For YEARS young difficult child has only been in psychiatric hospital's long enough to get a diagnosis of depression and anxiety. Finally, they are on to him. He was originally dxd at 14 yrs old with Bipolar but had trouble with the medications they used then.

    He said he is taking Zyprexa, Lamictal and Wellbutrin for the Bipolar Disorder. He also said he's taking Oxycontin for his back problems. :-(
    He claims he may be able to wean off the Oxycontin and try other pain relief. I sure hope so!

    He also told me that daughter in law is giving him one last chance...Guess the new "girlfriend" from the hospital didn't work out for him. He and daughter in law were together today and she went to visit him at the hospital on Sunday while I took care of the grandkids. She is learning about mental illness.

    I think I will buy $50 worth of toiletries, new jeans, etc for young difficult child on Saturday when he and the family are expected over as he doesn't have but one pair of jeans that fit now. I will probably also make him a birthday cake as last Wednesday was his 25th Birthday.

    Don't know how long young difficult child will stay on these medications though...specifically interested in him staying on the medications for Bipolar...but he says he's already gained 30lbs...and I know he is vain. It WILL be an issue if he continues to gain weight.

    The other thing he told me was that they said he was a VERY good candidate for Disability with his pacemaker, back problems, and Bipolar Disorder.

    So anyway, that's the latest.
    Oh, and he'll be staying at a Boarding facility in the city from what I he will stand on corner tomorrow to do some "day labor" type work.

  2. in a daze

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    Thanks for the update, LMS. The weight gain...probably from Zyprexa. That's what my son is on, although his weight seems stable presently.

    A boarding house, no rehab? Well, he probably turned rehab down, right?

    My son got SSI without a problem, but it took about 9 months.
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    Thanks for the update. I hope the new diagnosis/medications help! That Oxycontin worrries me as it sounds like it does you. I'm surprised they have him on it actually.
  4. lovemysons

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    Hi in a daze and comatheart...

    difficult child went to first boarding house the other night and then ended up at ER in the middle of the night. Boarding house said he had to go as they are not licensed and the ambulance showing up at the boarding house was a problem.

    difficult child's social worker got involved and sent him to new boarding house for 3 month stay. However, difficult child was with daughter in law and the grandkids yesterday. He missed his curfew of 10pm last night and so was calling me at 11pm to see if I could go pick him up at daughter in law's mom's house. I told him, "No, I cannot".

    He apparently slept out in one of their vehicles and was calling me at 6am this morning to see if I would go get him now. I am not going. He and wife and the grandbabies are supposed to be over this afternoon for cake and ice cream. I will also take him to Walmart. My mom is also expected over as we are celebrating a late birthday with difficult child since he was in hospital during his actual birthday.

    I am happy that he has FINALLY been dxd with Bipolar Disorder as an adult but it is unfortunate that he is still on pain medications. He says they are necessary...though he told me he took 2 the other night instead of 1.

    I'm alittle frustrated with difficult child at the moment since he still thinks HIS problems should be mine!

    I'll post more after the birthday party today.
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    Fingers crossed that he is finally prepared to take baby steps forward, my friend. Hugs DDD