Me! Out of rehab and started IOP


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Hi all, just an update. I finally confessed to husband about my pain killer addiction. I spent 48 hrs in detox, I checked out quickly. There they wanted to give me subxon (sp) Atavan, traznadon etc. all of which I refused. I went through withdrawals horrible. But I didn't want it to be easy. I want to remember it forever. Rehab was in a much better place and am now on my 3rd IOP session. I cannot believe the number of young men 18-24 who are addicted to heroin. In my group there are 27 people. Out of them, 5 of us are not addicted to heroin.

Our society is in big trouble. We need a better way. I don't know what to do about it. I don't know how to fix it, I hope someone can.


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You're doing it. Keep on doing what you are doing. Don't ever go back to that way of life.

When you get lonely and scared, come talk to us. We want you to succeed and we will support you when you are struggling.

I hope you are leaning on your Higher Power. That is the answer for all of us. We can't do this life alone.

Drugs are NOT the answer to dealing with life on life's terms.

We have to learn how to be scared, and lonely, and stressed out, and frustrated and sad, and feel our feelings and keep on moving forward. Feel your feelings. They will not kill you.

Keep getting help. Keep having an open mind. Don't think you're different. You're not.

I am saying the things to you I wish I can say to my son one day.

Warm hugs for you! I know you can do it, and your story can be an example for someone else.


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What a wonderful post. Good for you for telling your husband and getting clean.

I have read that heroin is becoming a huge problem but no one seems to want to do anything about it.


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I remember you, BBY! You show amazing strength and resolve - more power to you!

Yes, heroin is cheap, available, chic, and very dangerous. It is becoming a crisis just about everywhere.

Welcome back.


Admiring your strength and wishing you continued sobriety. Thank you for sharing - God Bless


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Congratulations bby, I am very proud of you. I just had a discussion about this with friends who wanted to know our experiences with the rehab we sent our difficult child to. I told them that difficult child was one of the only ones who was not there because of heroin, and yes they are very young. I was surprised at how young they were, for some reason I thought they would be older. I agree we need to find a solution to this problem it is killing our young people.

Stay in the program, take one day at a time. Pay it forward, help others who are struggling. And keep posting because it gives us all hope.


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Congratulations! Keep up the hard work and remember to be honest with yourself and your husband and you can pull through.


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I'm so happy for you.
You're doing great! I know what you mean about a difficult withdrawal and never ever wanting to forget! Those consequences can keep us alive and moving forward.



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Thanks all! I am working everyday. It's not easy. But I didn't start until about 2 1/2 years ago. Maybe it's easier for me since its not that long. I am also 46. So I have a husband, house, kids and grand kids to lose. That helps me every day!