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This is probably a silly question, but how does one go about applying for Medicaid/SSI? My son is 14 and bipolar. He's currently inpt. until we find a long term residential facility and get funding for it. We can get a loan that will pay the approx. $7000 a month, but any other help I can get will help.


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you can actually apply for it on line or at least get the application started. If you just google for SSI there will be a site on the two different types of SSI vs SSDI and which you should apply for. You will need lots of documentation but from the sounds of your difficult child you probably will have enough if he/she is now waiting for an Residential Treatment Center (RTC). Usually once they go residential it is almost automatically approved and with it will come the medicaid coverage. A SW at the hospital or Residential Treatment Center (RTC) should also be able to help you get it started. Good luck!BLUE